The other day, my son asked if I sit with him and work on some school work with him. I sat there, watching him. I had been taking pictures earlier of spring flowers and my camera was sitting next to me as we worked at the kitchen table. I watched my son working math problems out in his brain. I thought about how it had been awhile since I sat this still and noticed him like this.

I sat there marveling at his eye lashes, his freckles, and just who he is.

Time feels like it’s slipping through my fingers. It’s okay. It’s how it “should” be. But there are moments when I just pause and notice the smallest of gifts – like his eyelashes and 10 year old smile. My children aren’t babies anymore. When they were little, the days seemed to go on forever. There were so many slow moments and it was easy to “linger.” We’d look at worms and bubbles, we’d play in the creek and marvel at rocks.

Now, we have more activities and life seems to go at a faster pace. It’s not “bad” – it “just is.” And I actually love the vibrancy and fullness of our life.

But I love still pausing and noticing the smallest of delights. Simple. Beautiful. A total gift. Like eyelashes. And freckles too many to count now.

My prayer today: never let me take for granted the gift this short life is.

Dear Readers, May you start your week off noticing the little moments of delight. The simplest of gifts. And may you remember what a gift it is to be alive.

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Thank you so much for believing in me and these Gems!



Update:  May 15, 2017:

The Kickstarter campaign was fully funded (and then some!).  Thank you so very much!  You can now find Gems of Delight in my shop!

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