Last week, I was a part of facilitating a retreat for Georgetown University faculty, staff, and students that was all about sustainability, spirituality, regenerative leadership, and wellness. It was such a delight to see people in person and connect in such a beautiful retreat space. My dear friend and colleague, Ann, and I facilitated a workshop that we called Hope Rising.

With so much happening in our world that can leave us low on hope – especially given what changes are occurring to our planet – we need practices that sustain us and connect us to Mother Earth. A light bulb moment for me was when I heard a speaker sharing that self-care IS a sustainability practice! WE are creation. And of course, as we tend to ourselves — and our bodies — we are more likely to then tend to Mother Earth and her body. How lovely is that?!

I wanted to share with you, dear reader, a part of what I shared with the GU community in our workshop. Come journey with me and Haiku poetry inspired by nature that gives rise to hope and let me lead you through a guided reflection/meditation that connects you to nature to then nourish your mind, body, and soul…and renew a sense of hope within you.

Episode 75. Hope Rising.




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