Stillness: A Sacred Response to Overwhelm

My friend's children ran past me as I opened the door for them.  It's February and everyone needs to run around.  Their dad walked in behind them.  After we said our "hellos" he shared with me, "My head is spinning with everything that's going on in our country. But I...

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Moments of Quiet in the Chaos

"Mom," my daughter asked me, "When my friend comes, can we go outside into the woods?" The thought of going outside and being in nature, surrounded by the evergreens, listening to water flowing in the little creek by our house made me exhale. "Yes," I said, "Let's do...

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I'm standing at the hospital bed of one of my dearest friends.  There are tubes every which way, machines making noises.  I don't know if he will "pull through" or not.  So I take this precious moment as an opportunity to bless him, kiss him on the forehead, whisper...

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