At the Start of the Day

At the Start of the Day Kindle the light within you. Let your breath become vibrant. Stretch your body - reaching for the sky and then bowing to the earth. Let your movements build to be strong and slowly generate heat. Gently circle the neck and shoulders, swirl the...

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When Grief Comes for a Surprise Visit

The other night, I had just dropped both of our kiddos off for a short playdate at a neighbor’s house and was on my way to the grocery store to then go back home and make chicken soup for my husband who was sick – and it was his birthday.  It was already 5 pm and we...

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Loved As You Are

Loved As You Are You are unique. There’s only one you. Do I tell you that I love you enough? Enough so that you remember the truth of who you are on days when the world isn’t kind? I don’t love you for what you do, what kind of success you have in life, how well you...

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Permission to Rest and Renew

Permission to Rest and Renew The “shoulds” rise up when we even start to think about caring for ourselves – taking time out to rest and giving our bodies, minds, and spirits a chance to be nourished and renewed. The invitation of winter is to rest – to lay fallow, to...

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Moments of Quiet in the Chaos

Moments of Quiet in the Chaos We need moments of quiet away from the noise of everyday life, to rest our senses, to be outside, to breathe with the trees, to notice the way the light dances quietly yet magnificently through the branches, to hear the beating of our own...

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Begin Whatever it is that would deeply delight your heart, begin it - not just because it’s a new year, but because IT IS TIME. And your spirit has been calling out to you for awhile now. The old habits will soon begin to fade. Don’t get caught up in your...

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Nourished.  Trust that you are being guided. Lean in to this trust.  Remember that you are held.  Always.    You are Source manifested in this form.  Tend to this form of yours! Your body yearns for attention and care - not “some day” but...

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