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Hello, dear one.   I’m glad you are here.  I’m Lisa McCrohan – Modern-day Mystical Poet, Compassion Coach, & Somatic Psychotherapist.  I inspire a deeper sense of delight, compassion and connection in our everyday lives.

For you — that means:

I’m here to accompany you in honoring what truly delights of your heart in a soulful, embodied way.  I’m here to hold space for you to bring your everyday life into rhythm with what is sacred to you.

I believe that delight is our true nature, compassion heals, and being in community with like-hearted people nourishes the soul.  I believe that you embody your true power when you turn inward and listen within.  I believe that when you align everyday life with what is sacred to you, you live with an inner freedom.  I believe that as we honor the true delights of our hearts, together we create more compassionate homes, communities, and world.

I write about the sacred in everyday life, compassionate parenting, and following what delights our hearts.  My life is about “listening within” and following what I hear – with presence, devotion and focus.  I hold space in Compassion Coaching and Somatic Psychotherapy for gentle, healing experiences that nourish your nervous system and inner vibrancy.  I support you to “listen within,” nourish your connections, honor what delights your heart, and share your light in the world.


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Declaration of Delight

Delight is a radical shift in how we go about our day. It is the sense of ease and full exhale that we long for in a busy culture.  Delight is awakened by learning to listen deeply and creating the space for healing. It is embodied by aligning your everyday life with your truths – the authentic truths within you that long for expression.

In our work together, you experience how it feels to embody such inner vibrancy.  Your authentic presence shines compassion in your home and our world.  This path isn’t “easy, neat, or perfect.”  Yet there is an ease, fierceness, vastness of Heart, and freedom our soul recognizes as Home when we decide to follow what delights our hearts.  And we inspire others to do the same.

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One regret, dear world, that I am determined not to have when I am lying on my deathbed is that I did not kiss you enough.

– Hafiz

My Background

I hold Master degrees in Clinical Social Work and Pastoral Ministry from Boston College and have extensive training and certifications in mindfulness, yoga therapy, meditation, somatic healing, and trauma recovery.  Most recently, I am training in Somatic Experiencing, a body-centered trauma-healing approach developed by Peter Levine.  I provide somatic psychotherapy and Compassion Coaching to individual clients.  And I facilitate mindfulness-based, compassion-focused wellness and leadership workshops to non-profits, businesses, and educational settings (examples: Georgetown University and Saint Katharine Drexel Church).  And my writing has been featured in such places as: Upworthy; Georgetown University; and in Rachel Macy Stafford’s book, Hands Free Mama.

Over the last 20 years, I have worked in the world of wellness at universities, nonprofits, churches, public health settings, and counseling centers in Latin America and the U.S.  Exploring my own inner landscape through my life-long studies of mindfulness, meditation, yoga, the mystic poets, spirituality, and social justice inform everything I do.  I bow in gratitude to my children who are my teachers, my husband’s quiet way as medicine for my soul, and my family who have nourished me.  From the first book of Hafiz poetry that mom gave to me, Hafiz’s words are weaved within all I am.  I am deeply influenced by the teachings of Thich Nhat Hanh, Oscar Romero, Tara Brach, Jack Kornfield, Thomas Merton, and Peter Levine.  I am called to honor the voice of the Beloved within me to be a modern-day mystical poet with a feminine way of discovering the sacred inspiring delight in our everyday lives.  I teach, write, speak, parent, and nourish others from this sacred space.

My Story of Listening & Living Delight

My whole life I have listened deeply. And I have honored what I hear.

That Inner Voice has taken me into the barrios of Latin America to work for social justice – and to see my own poverty.  It has taken me from a comfy job in San Diego to move across country to Boston, where I met my husband and developed a loving community of soul friends and fellow theologians.  It uprooted me from Boston and placed me in the vast fields of Frederick, MD, that we have called “home” for 11 years now.

Listening to the Voice Within called me to be a mother and brought me to my knees in pregnancy and the early years of finding our way as new parents.  It brought me into the inner landscape of my own heart to tend to old wounds, deeply nourish myself, embody my sensuality, and live my meditation in everyday life. It has called me out of the hurry to honor the rhythms of my family, and to linger in this very moment in the messy and miraculous.

It has taken me into the halls of Georgetown University, Saint Katharine Drexel, hospitals, schools and nonprofits where I teach and speak from this sacred space within me.  The Beloved called me to accompany a friend who was dying – and for me to be broken and transformed by her and Grace.

I’ve honored the Voice Within.  This doesn’t mean I’m fearless.  It means I’ve been tender, I’ve felt broken and surrendered, and with courage, grace, and devotion, I follow my truth.  And for me, that is a delight-filled life – one lived without regrets, and with a liberated heart.

Today as a mom, I am about living my everyday life from this sacred space within – the little moments and the big decisions.  I accompany and nourish my own heart, body, creativity, sensuality, and spirit just as I practice being alongside my children, creating sacred space for them to listen to their own hearts and to discover how they will share their light with the world.

And I am following a call within me to nourish, accompany and hold space for soulful women to listen deeply, follow what delights their hearts, and transform their everyday lives, their homes, and our world.

My Services

Compassion Coaching

Do you sense it’s time to listen within, nourish you, and deepen your connections? Learn how to bring calm, clarity, and connection into your life. My approach goes soul-deep and weaves together positive psychology, yoga, breath work, mindfulness, meditation, spirituality, somatic healing (body-centered), compassion, and the latest research in neurobiology.

Somatic Psychotherapy

When you need to go deeper than coaching–this is not your “sit on the couch” kind of therapy. My approach to counseling honors the wisdom of the body-mind-spirit connection. We create space for healing and growth through body-centered, mindful, and compassionate practices.

Ask Lisa Consult

Do you have a specific question that you need guidance on and are seeking clarity for moving forward? I offer single “Ask Lisa” consult sessions where I bring my professional expertise and heartful presence to be on your side.

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