Hello and Welcome!

Welcome! I’m glad you are here. I’m a Somatic Experiencing® Psychotherapist, Integrative Coach, and Spiritual Author & Poet. I work with people who desire to “listen within” beneath the noise of daily life, heal, and lead a life they love. I will help you figure out what that means to you and how to thrive. I write, counsel, and consult to create a more compassionate world – starting with each person I meet (maybe that’ll be you!).
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Hello and Welcome

Welcome! I’m glad you are here. I’m a Somatic Experiencing® Psychotherapist, Integrative Coach, and Spiritual Author/Poet. I work with people who desire to “listen within” beneath the noise of daily life, heal, and lead a life they love. I will help you figure out what that means to you and how to authentically thrive. I write, counsel, and consult to create a more compassionate world – starting with each person I meet (maybe that’ll be you!).

My Mission

I love helping people get super clear and be intentional about how they live, work, parent, create, and love. My expertise is in guiding clients to bring a compassionate and authentic presence to both their sufferings and joys to deepen their resilience, connect more intimately, and live aligned with what matters most to them.

When you are looking back on your life as an old person, my wish for you is that you risked delight, loved with compassion, and connected deeply to those who matter to you. And we all did our part to make this world a kinder place. (Isn’t that really what matters?)

The most important aspect of my work is to create an inclusive, affirming space where you are welcomed “as you are” – including where you come from, who you love, how you express your spirituality, and what your talents and abilities are.

Lisa McCrohan

Lisa McCrohan


My Story

Even at a young age, I felt an intimate connection between us and the sacred, and between our mind, body, and spirit. I remember being six years old, standing outside waiting to go to school in my school uniform, breathing in the crisp fall air, and I felt my connection to Something Bigger. I was so at peace.

Fast forward to my work in medical free clinics and social justice settings as a young adult. I saw how compartmentalized medicine was and how “treatment” only addressed the symptoms. Awareness of the connection between the mind-body-spirit in medicine or business was definitely not the norm!

I created my own integrative path in psychotherapy, trauma-healing, leadership, yoga, energy work, mindfulness, meditation, compassion, spirituality/theology.  I learned to skillfully listen deeply and explore my own inner landscape – especially through writing and poetry.

Since then, my life has been about listening to that small, still Voice within – and honoring what I hear. That Voice has taken me into poor barrios of Latin America, moved me across the country from San Diego to Boston where I met my now-husband, stood me in front of faculty and staff at Georgetown University to teach mind-body healing, and guided our family to our small town with a home that looks out over the mountains outside our backdoor.

And that brings me to you! Through my writings, poetry, presence, and offerings, it’s my deepest calling to create the sacred space for people to ‘listen within” and live with authenticity and clarity.

With the awareness of the inseparable connection between us and the sacred and the intimate connection between the mind-body-spirit,  I am present to who you are as we listen for what is ready to heal and what love is ready to rise.

My Offerings

Soulful Writings:  Check out my blog and curated collection of poetry when you need an experience of returning to what matters in the middle of your day.  My first book, Gems of Delight, offers inspiration to turn to when you wake up in the morning and a sacred pause before heading off to bed (sooo much healthier than being on your smart phone!).

Somatic Psychotherapy:  This isn’t your typical “sit on the couch and talk” kind of therapy.  Weaving together science-backed and ancient healing modalities, I support psychotherapy clients in restoring a deep sense of well-being, emotional regulation, and connection. You move from feeling “stuck” and “I can’t,” to empowered and revitalized.  You feel your capacity deepening to effectively respond to stressful situations and enjoy the pleasant moments of connection and intimacy.

Integrative Coaching:  I love working with people all over the world in Personal + Professional Coaching. I bring a mind-body-spirit approach to your personal and professional growth, your embodied spiritual life, your present parenting, and your compassionate living. It is my passion to support you to embody your power, honor your gifts, find the sacred in your life, and share your light with the world.

If you don’t know whether psychotherapy or coaching is right for you, schedule a call and we’ll figure it out!

Consultations for Organizations: I also offer consultations to workplaces, churches, medical professionals, mental health clinicians, and educational institutions to create more compassionate workplaces.  Schedule a call to talk about how I can support your community.

Speaking Events: I facilitate a select few custom workshops a year. View sample speaking topics or contact me to find out more about how we might work together.

My Background

I hold Master degrees in Clinical Social Work and Pastoral Ministry from Boston College and have extensive training and certifications in trauma healing, mindfulness, yoga therapy, and meditation.  I am a Somatic Experiencing Practitioner providing Psychotherapy and Integrative Coaching to individual clients. I facilitate mindfulness-based, compassion-focused workshops to organizations and educational settings. I wrote a book that’s a perfect “pick up anytime for a dose of inspiration” called Gems of Delight.  My writing has also been featured on Upworthy, Georgetown University’s GUWellness, Hands Free Mama. Abundant Mama,  Motherly, Gottman Institute. and NBC News.

Eight Fun Facts About Me:

1. In my twenties, I worked and lived in Guatemala and El Salvador for over two years at an orphanage and a human rights NGO advising micro business owners. I lived in one of the poorest barrios of San Salvador. The people I met and the experiences I had changed my life.  Social justice informs the approach I take to being an inclusive, supportive, affirming presence for all peoples.

2. My life is about honoring the sacred.  From my decades of meditation and mindfulness training, to my readings of mystics like Hafiz, spirituality is weaved into my everyday life.

3. I love dark chocolate. Seriously dark chocolate.

4. I love to write poetry that nourishes our souls.

5. My mantra that guides me: “Follow what delights your heart and you’ll inspire the world.”

6. Ever since Mrs. Kostenbader’s third grade class where we wrote stories and “published” our books, I have been writing to inspire compassion. I knew that someday I’d publish a book. I did last year with the backing of a phenomenal community in a Kickstarter campaign that blew me away – in three hours it was fully funded! (That’s when this “helper” really learned how to receive!)  Here’s my book, Gems of Delight!

7. I’m big on adventures and experiences vs. “stuff.”  My family and I learned to ski this past winter and I’m hooked.  I love going on local hikes with friends.  Nothing beats swimming in the ocean in Kauai.  I’m planning our next outdoor adventure right now.

8.  I live in Middletown, MD, with my husband whose quiet way is medicine for my soul, my two children who are the delights of my life, and our dog, Sherlock, who pretty much follows me around everywhere I go. Every day, we look out at the mountains outside our back door.

Now I look forward to getting to know you!

My sanctuary…

This is my office. Where I write, read and most importantly, meet with clients.

I believe…

I believe that delight is our true nature, compassion heals, and being in community with like-hearted people nourishes the soul and our world. I believe that you embody your true power when you listen within. I believe that when you align everyday life with what is sacred to you, you live with an inner freedom that inspires others to do the same. I believe that as we honor what delights our hearts, our light and presence vibrantly shine, and together we create more compassionate homes, communities, and world.

My book…

This is me, signing copies of my book, Gems of Delight, and talking to guests at a speaking event I did in April 2018 at Sacred Threads in Boston. I am so in my element here!



What Makes Me Unique as a Coach & Therapist

  • I integrate my expertise in the following areas for your "whole person" wellbeing:
    • Somatic Experiencing
    • mindfulness & compassion
    • present parenting
    • yoga + energy therapy
    • authentic leadership development
    • spiritual direction
  • We can work in Integrative Coaching from anywhere in the world via Zoom.  I have enjoyed working with coaching clients in North America, Europe, Asia, and Australia.
  • I’m a licensed clinical social worker (LCSW-C) and have practiced as a somatic psychotherapist for 15 years.
  • I have an additional master’s in theology with a focus on spirituality of the body.
  • I have over 20 years of personal experience and training in meditation, mindfulness, and compassion.
  • I am a Somatic Experiencing® Psychotherapist with extensive training in how to heal from trauma and toxic stress.
  • I have worked in a variety of settings – from being the Wellness Counselor and facilitating wellness programs for faculty and staff at Georgetown University, to working in elementary schools…from working with disadvantaged populations, to being in faith-based settings and for-profit organizations.



Can you picture this shift in your life?

What Typically Happens

What I have seen over the years, is that clients come with wanting support for a particular situation, they experience big shifts in their lives, and they end up being life-long clients who I accompany through the various seasons of their lives. In our work together, they learn practices to bring into their day, and they have experiences of deeply healing, body-centered work that nourishes their nervous systems and spirits. Clients begin to sense the shifts happening as their capacity grows to live with aliveness and intention. Each year, I encourage my clients to discern the kind of self-care they need and utilize the package of sessions that can best support their well-being.

Go on and love yourself so completely with so much regard and kindness and see what happens in your home, your relationships, and our world.

– Lisa McCrohan

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