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Gems of Delight

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Heal the Hurry

Journey from busyness to pausing, harshness to compassion, and disconnection to sacred connection.

It’s time to revolutionize the everyday life of moms. We live, parent, work, and love in an increasingly busy, harsh, and disconnected culture. Gems of Delight invites us to slow down, connect with compassion, and embrace what is most sacred to each of us.

Lisa McCrohan offers moms a way to heal the hurry, be a compassionate presence, and let our light shine. Through her poetry, conversations with the Divine, and soulful reflections, Lisa shows us that connection heals us, compassion saves us, and slowing down nourishes us. Following the rhythm of the seasons, Gems of Delight offers short, prayerful inspirations that are perfect to pick up at any time of year to feel nourished and inspired.

Lisa’s gentle and powerful writings support us in transforming our everyday lives in simple ways. And as we live aligned with what is sacred to each of us, we nourish our connections and heal our hearts, homes, and world.

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Gems of Delight allows women to see themselves through the soft eyes of compassion. Lisa guides us to slow down, notice, feel, and express the Divine Feminine within. This is powerful word medicine given in gentle doses.
Amber Santosha Sparks

RYT200, Author of Heart Wanderings: Poetry of Love, Loss, and Light

Are you ready to let you deep inner well of delight bubble up and spill out to your little corner of the world? Between the cover of this book lies a gentle guide to get you there. With each lovingly written word that you read, you will feel nourished, safely-held, and aligned with your truest self. Lisa’s vulnerable writing style will touch your heart in a profound way, and lead you on the path to becoming a more compassionate, unhurried mama.
Denise Castner

Wife, Mom, Sower of Kindness

In this culture of hurry and striving, Lisa McCrohan’s beautiful collection of Gems is a gentle yet powerful guide to healing.  Her words eloquently come together to support and encourage embracing a more intentional and meaningful life.  Lisa’s wisdom and authenticity invite you to slow down and join her on a soul nourishing journey through the seasons ,toward greater compassion, connection and delight.
Erin McKinney

MSW, LICSW, CMHS Psychotherapist, Child Mental Health Specialist

Lisa’s Gems of Delight is universal nourishment for body, mind and soul, and when reading I was able to effortlessly connect with the heart wisdom she offers, which I believe comes from a sincere practitioner of A wisdom path. When we take in healing impressions from words, we can literally heal the physical molecules and energy layers. Just like a diamond passing through fire survives and becomes more brilliant, we as human beings need gems to support us in both good and difficult times. Lisa’s words are good medicine- deeply healing medicine which we all need.
Ali Guida Smith


Gems of Delight is insightful, authentic, filled with everyday experiences of faith in God and a wealth of wisdom. Lisa McCrohan eloquently shares her life experiences as a woman, wife and mother along with professional expertise as a social worker and counselor to encourage people to draw closer to God and enjoy the abundance of God’s blessings throughout the seasons of life. I wholeheartedly recommend reading Gems of Delight over the course of a year and to give as a gift to friends and family.
Stacey Melissa Winston

Communications Specialist for Humanitarian Affairs, Kenya, United Nations, International Red Cross

What people are saying

about Gems of Delight

Lisa McCrohan has so much to teach the world about living intentionally with compassion for self and for others. In Gems of Delight, Lisa’s deep wisdom is woven into poetic passages and stories from her life. Her voice is nurturing, encouraging, and uncomplicated, like a wise and faithful friend to turn to when the world is loud and hurtful. Lisa gently reminds us to turn inward and look upward to find what our souls need to thrive. With just one short reading a day, Gems of Delight will remind you why life must be lived moment by moment, heart to heart, hand in hand.
Rachel Macy Stafford

Author, Hands Free Mama, Hands Free Life, and Only Love Today

In her kind and honest way, Lisa McCrohan invites readers to reconnect with that which truly nourishes them: their inner truth, the present moment, the power of compassion, even the changing seasons. This is a book that readers can return to time and again.
Carla Naumburg, PhD

author of Parenting in the Present Moment

Beautiful, comforting words from a loving, compassionate friend. I’ve been lucky to read and hear Lisa’s “Gems of Delight” for several years as a friend and devoted blog-reader. Reading this book, filled with so many gems, fills my heart and makes me smile. I can hear Lisa’s encouraging voice on every page, in every prayer and poem. Gorgeous words of encouragement for every season and every mood, for moms everywhere.
Molly Fellin Spence

Editor and Writer, Spence Photographics

Gems of Delight is the result of a life-long exploration of the Sacred, written by my dear friend and colleague for over 10 years, Lisa McCrohan. Gems of Delight is a powerful personal and mindful parenting resource filled with the same touchstones and meditations, beautiful artwork and mystical poetry-that have come to hang on my walls and overall have woven deeply into my spiritual fabric of understanding. Lisa has infused each page and word with her playful explorations of the mystical, practical, and intellectual, creating a healing balm that inspires delight, ease, and compassion in everyday life.
Jenn Wilhelm

MS, OTR/L, Child Occupational Therapist

Gems of Delight is a well of nourishment and a gift of encouragement. Lisa’s words call to the authentic self, reminding us that living in gratitude, honesty, and divine connection transforms the little and big worlds we inhabit. In a culture where we are expected to be so many things, Gems of Delight reminds us that our most important job is to be our beautifully-messy, delightfully-complicated, life and light-giving selves.
Anne Hofmann

MEd, MA, Assistant Professor of English, Frederick Community College

It is rare to come across an individual as devoted to the inner-journey as Lisa McCrohan. In these times, we need her words, her soulful, soothing inspirations, more than ever.  Her book, “Gems of Delight” is an invitation to go within and discover the places in you that have been calling out and beckoning you near. Breathe deeply, go slowly and heed the call — we need your spirit to come forth as well.
Meghan Nathanson

Mindfulness Writer & Artist

Gems of Delight is a treasure trove of wisdom. Lisa strives to connect with God and others and poetically gives voice to the spirit within each of us that is often ignored.  In an era of hurry and a culture that runs skin deep, this book provides insightful guidance on nurturing a more intentional pace of life that allows us to delve deeper to become more authentic and loving people.
Laura Lee Nation

JD, Attorney

Lisa’s words in her book Gems of Delight are salve for the woman’s soul. The poetry alone is worth holding this book in your hands and never letting go but her stories, her insights and her prompts are delicious and powerful. This is the one book you’ll want to pick up for yourself — and for a friend or three.
Shawn Fink

Founder, The Abundant Mama Project

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