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Lisa is a dynamic, spiritual speaker who will leave your audience feeling revived, connected, and ready to rise!

Most Requested Keynote & Workshop Themes

Bring Lisa to your event! Lisa tailors each keynote, lecture or educational workshop specifically for your audience and your event format.

Present Parenting

Lisa talks about some common parenting challenges and how parents can address them in a present and compassionate way. Learn how to respond vs. react, connect in meaningful ways, and what to say to your child about bullying, anxiety, how to be inclusive, and more. Lisa shares ideas about how to raise children who are confident and resilient, emotionally intelligent and compassionate.

Perfect for: parents, mom groups, parenting organizations

Empowering Women to Rise and Thrive

Lisa leads women in ways that deepen our self-confidence, trust, joy, and creativity to rise in our feminine power and thrive in our lives. The future is female and our light is leading the way.

Perfect for: women’s organizations, workplaces that are invested in supporting their female employees and leaders

Lisa is an engaging, thoughtful presenter who offers practical tools applicable to our daily lives.

With a professionalism, realism and a deep spirituality she is able to bridge the psychological, spiritual
and practical and to engage her audience, through her genuineness, with compassionate listening and
her ability to foster trust.

We were delighted to host this animated and authentic woman who inspired us all.

Rosemary Mulvihill, csj

Co-Founder, Sacred Threads

The Compassionate Classroom

Lisa shows educators how to utilize presence, regard, and connection in a school setting to build a positive classroom dynamic. Learn how to help your group develop into kids who are socially responsible, resilient, and compassionate. Lisa can tailor this session to the specific challenges facing your organization. Popular subtopics include resourcing staff with mindful self-care, emotional intelligence, inclusiveness and addressing bullying, teaching in the digital age, positive discipline, and leading with presence.

Perfect for: educators, school staff

Leading from Within

Wise leadership begins within. Utilizing mindfulness and self-discovery, Lisa guides leaders to gain clarity and focus to inspire their teams.

Perfect for: non-profit and for-profit organizations, small businesses, entrepreneurial networks

Creating the Life you Want to Lead

How do you stay focused in a world of constant distraction? Lisa shares how to name and claim your vision, purpose, and passion while staying devoted to what matters to you.

Perfect for: leadership teams, women’s empowerment organizations, church small groups

Serving, Healing, and Transforming our World

Drawing on the power of small moments, presence, loving-kindness, and our light shining, Lisa empowers your group to inspire positive change in your community.

Perfect for: civic and philanthropic organizations, youth & teen groups, churches, mom groups/organizations

Women, Faith, and Feminine Embodiment

Reclaiming the feminine + body-centered spirituality = the “everyday” becoming our holy ground for transformation. Weaving together wisdom from spiritual mystics and modern somatic healing, Lisa supports us in claiming a spirituality that nourishes the feminine spirit.

Perfect for: churches, faith-based conferences, women’s spirituality groups

Recurring Classes & Workshops

Frederick, MD
Sundays (10/2018 – 4/2019, 5:30-7pm)
Saint Katharine Drexel: Sacred Time-out
Year-long class. For information click here.

Washington D.C.
Monthly workshops (2018-2019, 1pm)
GUWellness Mind-Body Connection Series
For schedule, click here.

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Bring Lisa to your event! Lisa tailors each keynote, lecture or educational workshop specifically for your audience and your event format. If you would like to bring Lisa to your next event, please fill out the request form below.

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