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Your Light Is Rising

Your Light Is Rising

You have a light to shine, a wildness to embody, and a medicine to share. 

Our fast-paced, always-on modern world is full of distractions and listening to the wisdom of the soul isn’t easy. Your Light Is Rising is your poetic guide and journal to come back home to yourself and kindle the light of your soul to shine.

Following the rhythm of the day, Your Light Is Rising offers short sacred poetry, practices, and reflections that nourish your soul, soothe your nervous system, and inspire you to say “yes” to the wisdom within you.

Dawn calls forth hope to blossom in your body and soul, morning invites you to practice courage, midday challenges you to redefine strength, afternoon asks you to plant seeds of compassion, and evening readies you for sleep with soothing words of peace.

Lisa McCrohan’s soulful poetry and reflections help you to tune out the voices of the world and tune into the wisdom of your body and soul so that, together, our light shines to heal our homes, communities, and world

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