I shared a “sneak peek” of Gems of Delight with my G.O.D. Squad (aka the beautiful tribe of people who are the launch team for Gems of Delight) and they loved it!  They wanted more! (That’s good! Because there’s a whole book of these Gems!).  They also said to share this “sneak peek” publicly so they could share with their people and so others can see the seeds of light and love these Gems are planning – in our hearts and in the world.

So here you go!


What people are saying about Gems of Delight:

“Are you ready to let your deep inner well of delight bubble up and spill out to your little corner of the world?  Between the cover of this book lies a gentle guide to get you there.  With each lovingly written word that you read, you will feel nourished, safely-held, and aligned with your truest self.  Lisa’s vulnerable writing style will touch your heart in a profound way, and lead you on the path to becoming a more compassionate, unhurried mama.”
~ Denise Castner
Mom, wife, & sower of kindness

“In this culture of hurry and striving, Lisa McCrohan’s beautiful collection of Gems is a gentle yet powerful guide to healing.  Her words eloquently come together to support and encourage embracing a more intentional and meaningful life.  Lisa’s wisdom and authenticity invite you to slow down and join her on a soul nourishing journey through the seasons, toward greater compassion, connection and delight.”
~ Erin U. McKinney, MSW, LICSW, CMHS
Psychotherapist, Child Mental Health Specialist

“I loved the gentleness of it! Spring has just started and already it is so very busy for my family, and I felt like your words were that breath of fresh air that I needed.”
~ Rachel Johnson

“…Reading this book, filled with so many gems, fills my heart and makes me smile. I can hear Lisa’s encouraging voice on every page, in every prayer and poem. Gorgeous words of encouragement for every season and every mood, for moms everywhere.”
~ Molly Spence, Writer, Editor, and co-owner of Spence Photographics

“…Lisa has infused each page and word with her playful explorations of the mystical, practical, and intellectual, creating a healing balm that inspires delight, ease, and compassion in everyday life.”
~ Jenn Wilhelm, MS, OTR/L, Child Occupational Therapist, mom

“Gems of Delight allows women to see themselves through the soft eyes of compassion. Lisa guides us to slow down, notice, feel, and express the Divine Feminine within. This is powerful word medicine given in gentle doses.”
Amber Santosha Sparks, RYT200, Author of Heart Wanderings: Poetry of Love, Loss, and Light.


Want to get your copy of Gems of Delight?  Support the Kickstarter Campaign and get yourself a copy — and maybe even while you’re at it, pick up one as a surprise for a dear person in your life!


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