Integrative 1:1 Coaching

Welcome, come in and tell me what's going on. I'll listen. We will dig in, get clear, and create a path together. I'm so glad you are here!
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Integrative Personal Coaching

Welcome, come in and tell me what’s going on. I’ll listen. We will dig in, get clear, and create a path together. I’m so glad you are here!

What delights your heart?

It’s time to Lead a a life you Deeply love.

What you want and how I can help

You feel uninspired and you don’t know what delights your heart anymore.  You want to feel that deeper sense of connection to your heart, passions, and life. The old ways of working and living just don’t agree with you anymore.  In our sessions, I hold space for you to reconnect to who you are in this season of your life and rekindle the light in you to shine. 

You feel stuck. You want direction, clarity, and change.  I zero in on the root of the challenge.  I home in on what you really want and help you develop a plan and the skills for how to get there. I’m alongside you step-by-step as your confidence and soul-happiness grow, and you move forward.

You’ve lost sight of your own needs. Maybe you’ve been consumed by the “should’s, have to’s, and to do’s.”  You need someone alongside you who is going to guide you in saying “YES” to YOUR wellness.  I help you put better boundaries in place so you reclaim your time, honor your body, bring you into rhythm with nature and beauty, and hear your soul guiding you again.

Your life is good but you want MORE. You might be comfortable and successful in your career.  You might have good personal relationships. But something is missing.  I see that desire as sacred.  It’s your soul calling you to live with fierce devotion and love. I help you “tune INside” yourself with simple, uncomplicated body-centered mindfulness and compassion practices so you take actions OUTside for your creativity, love, gifts, and passions to flow.

You have been playing small.  It’s time now for you to rise. Imagine what could happen if you took the step to be just 10% braver. You need a dose of soul courage.  I got you.  I will inspire you to stop self-sabotaging, see the unique light within you, and guide you in taking the next right steps to let your light shine.


I am more than a coach

When we work together, you get more than just a “life coach.”  I look at the whole person you are, not just one small area of your life: mind, body, spirit, emotions, relationships, career, dreams, and spirituality.   That’s “integrative” — and it ensures that the changes you make in coaching are effective and impact your whole life.

This is where science and psychology meet wholistic wellness.  I pull from my decades of training and experience as a licensed psychotherapist and mindfulness and compassion teacher as well as my extensive studies in trauma healing, spirituality, yoga, energy work, embodiment, and meditation.  I bring all this to create a sacred space for you to get unstuck and living with soulful intention.

Personalized Sessions

Sessions with me are 1:1 – personalized and tailored.  You have me fully present with my eyes, intuition, and experience on your life to guide you in making powerful shifts.

No cookie-cutter program here!   I DO NOT lead you through a cookie-cutter program nor timeframe that YOU have to fit into. Every session is tailored to what’s right for YOU.  I offer body-centered, nervous system nourishing, soul-building, and compassion-based practices, meditations, reflections, exercises, and experiences specifically for YOU to heal and grow.

I see some clients for a few months and others for a few years.  It’s all based on your needs and goals.

Clients tell me they can feel the difference. They start to say things like: “I feel so much lighter and clearer!” and “I am much more grounded and centered!” and “I feel focused and empowered” and “I now have the tools to feel like I can work with this (situation, challenge, etc) in a way that feels aligned with who I really am.”


Sounds like what you need?!

I offer a free 30 minute consult.  Set one up and share with me what’s on your mind and heart and questions you have.  I will share with you how we might work together.  People always tell me that taking this action feels like an empowering step in the direction of choosing their happiness.  It’s time.

“No one in professional coaching is offering this combination of guidance, Lisa, let alone has the expertise in several modalities and knows how to integrate them the way I’ve experienced with you!” -N.R., professional coaching client.

My approach

I hear so often from clients that they desire inner confidence and clarity.  They secretly want to feel that they are okay and give themselves permission to focus on their needs and dreams. I don’t just just talk to you about these things; I guide you to build a new relationship with “all that arises.”

I work from an integrative and strengths-based approach to guide you to move forward with your specific goals. Sessions with me weave together: neuroscience-based practices; positive psychology; body-centered practices; spiritual wisdom; mindfulness; compassion; energy work; and resilience-training.

This integrative coaching approach came about not only because it weaves together my decades of studies and interests, but it has also struck a chord with so many of my clients and I have been able to witness deep transformations in them.

What You Can Expect in Our Work Together

  • Get personalized expert guidance to make positive shifts in your life.

  • Kindle your inner spark and shine more boldly and authentically.

  • Gain clarity and shift from feeling overwhelmed to inspired and focused.
  • Nourish your nervous system and widen its window of tolerance.
  • Discover how to listen within to your inner guidance and have more flow.
  • Get unstuck and take actions rooted in self-compassion.
  • Live with stronger boundaries that honor your time, energy, and integrity.
  • Become skillful at communicating with your people at home and work.
  • Play to your strengths to deepen your impact and influence.
  • Use science-backed ways of dealing with stress and trauma to build your resilience.
  • Learn mindfulness and self-compassion to respond to life with awareness and agency.
  • Rediscover what delights your heart and how you want to share your gifts with the world.

Coaching Isn’t Therapy

Integrative coaching is about helping you to get clear on where you are NOW and what you most desire for the future.  In therapy, people come to me with symptoms that are bothering them – anxiety, depression, trauma – and they want to feel better. 

Because of my clinical background and expertise, I know what kind of space supports thriving and I know when to refer clients for counseling to another therapist.


“Lisa has a way of really being with you, of seeing all the “stuff” you are carrying around, how you are hurting, and what that hurt is doing to your whole system (mind body spirit). AND (this is the important part) she KNOWS how to speak to the part(s) of you that need tending to the most. -Kristen Johnson, personal coaching client.

What Makes Me Unique as a Coach & Therapist

  • I integrate 20+ years of expertise in the following areas for your "whole person" wellbeing:
    • Somatic Experiencing
    • mindfulness & compassion
    • present parenting
    • yoga + energy therapy
    • authentic leadership development
    • spiritual direction
  • We can work in Integrative Coaching from anywhere in the world via Zoom.  I have enjoyed working with coaching clients in North America, Europe, Asia, and Australia.
  • I’m a licensed clinical social worker (LCSW-C) and have practiced as an integrative psychotherapist for 18 years.
  • I have an additional master’s in theology with a focus on spirituality of the body.
  • I have over 25 years of personal experience and training in meditation, mindfulness, and compassion.
  • I am a Somatic Experiencing® Psychotherapist and SE teacher assistant with extensive training in how to heal from trauma and toxic stress.
  • I have worked in a variety of settings – from being the Wellness Counselor and facilitating wellness programs for faculty and staff at Georgetown University, to being in non-profit and for-profit organizations.



Plans and Pricing

Choose the package that best supports you:

What my coaching clients have to say

Lisa has a way of really being with you, of seeing all the “stuff” you are carrying around, how you are hurting, and what that hurt is doing to your whole system (mind body spirit). AND (this is the important part) she KNOWS how to speak to the part(s) of you that need tending to the most. With me she used meditation work, science, breath work, and gave me lessons in mindfulness that I continued (and continue) to use every day.

Kristen Johnson

Lisa is a beautiful soul who shares her authentic and evolving self with her clients and lovingly holds space for them.  Lisa has helped me listen to my still inner voice and zero in on what I want for myself, my family, and who my real Self is.  I felt a sense of empowerment from working with Lisa and a re-connection with my physical and emotional body.  She also taught me numerous short and practical practices to use on a daily basis while traveling on this bigger evolutionary journey! 


Yoga Teacher

Thank you for your so beautiful, so poignant and profound work with me. Thank you for what you read and see, behind the lines, inside the soul. There is so much to say. You are so gifted that can see so deeply and profoundly and intuitively. You see things that we can just sense and have this power to express them, turning them into something that we can understand, see more deeply or often even see for the first time so simply and clearly. 



My work with Lisa through compassion coaching has truly transformed me. When I began these sessions I was broken down. Feelings of grief and anger were at the forefront of my life. Lisa was able to hold sacred space for me as I worked my way back to myself.

Lisa has the ability to see all the parts of me that needed healing- mind, body, and spirit. She used various techniques including guided meditation, cognitive restructuring, and breath work to assist my healing. She could sense what my nervous system needed in order to return it to a state of calm.

I have learned how to resource and support myself when faced with difficult emotions. Lisa deeply regarded all parts of myself which helped lead me back to loving and caring for myself. I will be forever grateful for Lisa’s authenticity and compassion while working with me.

Lisa Neuweg

LCPC, Agape Counseling

Working with Lisa nurtures me in my own growth which allows me to nurture those around me. She is like a best friend who knows deeply who you are, who can skillfully maneuver a conversation to bring you to your own place of knowing. She has a way of getting through the noise of life and putting a spotlight on the solution to a challenge that is of my highest and best self.


Wealth Management Advisor

I reached out to Lisa during an overwhelming and multifaceted transition in my life. I was seeking guidance and support as I began a new path in my professional life, at the same time that I started a new chapter in my personal life. I was feeling under-resourced, lacking energy, ultimately lacking the energy and confidence I needed to start my journey. After several sessions of mindfulness and compassion coaching, I was able to access a clearer and more confident self, which allowed me to make mindful decisions and take action in a self-compassionate and intentional way. Lisa encouraged me to follow my heart and do the next best thing for me. Through her support and authenticity, I found the courage to make necessary decisions by inspiring and accompanying me to connect more deeply with myself.

Erin U. McKinney

LICSW, CMHS, Mindful Therapy Group

When I started sessions with Lisa I actually enrolled for a whole new life. I met her at a time where I felt really stuck. I had tried all kinds of therapies and yet nothing seemed to “get things moving.” That’s when I found Lisa. Not only did I land in my body and life again in a way that felt comfortable, at ease, and “known” – I also discovered so many ways of being “me” that I had never fully explored. Coaching with Lisa has been one of the greatest gifts I have given myself. “The travel to formerly unknown regions” has been easy and smooth and I have felt so taken care of. I wholeheartedly recommend her work!



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How to Get Started with Personal Coaching or Therapy

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