You can listen to this poetic meditation on my podcast, Delightful: Episode 72. Your Own Path

You are on your own path. Yours can’t and won’t look like anyone else’s. Your path is sacred.

Stop looking around at what others are doing and comparing yourself. Instead look inward.

Place both hands on your heart. Soften or close the eyes.

And follow the breath as it flows into the body, inviting you to be right here with the sacred vessel of your body. Let go as you exhale and soften more into inhabiting this moment with yourself.

Stay close to your heart. Build an altar there. Listen to its whispers and preferences. It knows how to live your life as sacred. It knows how to guide you.

Listening to your heart requires space, quiet, and daily remembering that your own path is sacred created only for you.

You are a unique expression of Source flowing in you. Even if you often doubt yourself. Even if you question your worth. Even if you are afraid. That makes you human!

Do not worry – you are not alone. You are surrounded by forces that are guiding you. Imagine who those forces are – Source, angels, ancestors….call on them….feel their benevolence as sunlight awakening the seed of wisdom within you. Feel them fortifying you.

Let the ripples of Source renew you now – any heaviness, any heartache, any anxiety, any shame… imagine the Divine’s ocean of grace taking it and washing it away…cleansing you…renewing your body and spirit…and anointing your heart…

Now feel into the adventure that you heart wants you to go on…maybe you know just the next right thing to do. Maybe you don’t yet know, don’t feel a glimmer. Visit the heart often – stay close to the heart throughout the day. Build an altar there and enter that sacred space with the intention of listening and connecting.

Know and trust that you are on your own sacred path, meant only for you. You cannot miss it. Love has perfect timing. Love is guiding you.



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