Compassion Coaching

Work with me from anywhere in the world via Skype.

Compassion Coaching is my unique and nourishing approach to life coaching that goes soul-deep. It is a sacred space for you to learn skillful ways to listen, heal, and go about your day with a renewed sense of aliveness, connected to what is sacred in your everyday life.

Compassion coaching weaves together: mindfulness + compassion + deep listening + meditation + yoga + spiritual accompaniment + body-centered healing + neuroscience + compassionate parenting practices.

In our sessions, you learn mindfulness, compassion, and body-centered practices you can bring into your life. You will learn to listen deeply to your body and spirit and how to renew your connections with your dear ones.  As you embody a deep sense of freedom and focus, your light shines and inspires those around you and our world.

Lisa has a way of really being with you, of seeing all the “stuff” you are carrying around, how you are hurting, and what that hurt is doing to your whole system (mind body spirit). AND (this is the important part) she KNOWS how to speak to the part(s) of you that need tending to the most. With me she used meditation work, science, breath work, and gave me lessons in mindfulness that I continued (and continue) to use every day.

Kristen Johnson

What to Expect
  • Purchase a Single Session then I will email you to schedule.
  • After our first session, select the Coaching Bundle that supports you.
  • In our sessions, experience mindful, compassion, spiritual, and body-centered practices to feel focused, creative, nourished, and resourced.
  • Between sessions, I support you with email exchanges. I’m alongside you in ways that are uniquely supportive to you so you feel held and nourished.
About Appointments
  • I work with clients in-person or online (Skype).
  • In the initial Single Session we identify your goals for coaching and we get started with mindfulness and compassion practices.
  • Then you can select the Coaching Bundle that will best support you.  I customize a schedule with each client.
  • You will often have homework (“soul-work”) to integrate the practices we’ve done together.
  • Bonus: You stay in my coaching community for life and you get first dibs on special offers.
  • Initial/Single Session: $145/session
  • 4-Session Bundle: $500 ($125/session) – {savings of $80} – imagine one or two months of getting you nourished and resourced
  • 8-Session Bundle: $960 ($120/session) – {savings of $200} – imagine weekly sessions for two months or bi-weekly sessions for four months
  • 12-Session Bundle: $1380 ($115/session) – {savings of $360} – imagine six months of support.
  • 24 session bundle: $2400 ($100/session) – {savings of $1080} – imagine knowing you have me at your side twice a month for a whole year
My Clients
  • The Compassion Coaching I offer goes soul-deep. It’s for people who know that cultivating a more compassionate home and world begins with one’s own inner world. It takes commitment, focus, and courage to embrace change, self-compassion, and let one’s light shine in our world.
  • My clients recognize that their well-being is essential to the well-being of their families. By nourishing you, everyone benefits. When you are nourished and resourced, you are able to more deeply serve others and live your truth. And the world is a more compassionate place because of your clear, loving presence.

My work with Lisa through compassion coaching has truly transformed me. When I began these sessions I was broken down. Feelings of grief and anger were at the forefront of my life. Lisa was able to hold sacred space for me as I worked my way back to myself.

Lisa has the ability to see all the parts of me that needed healing- mind, body, and spirit. She used various techniques including guided meditation, cognitive restructuring, and breath work to assist my healing. She could sense what my nervous system needed in order to return it to a state of calm.

I have learned how to resource and support myself when faced with difficult emotions. Lisa deeply regarded all parts of myself which helped lead me back to loving and caring for myself. I will be forever grateful for Lisa’s authenticity and compassion while working with me.

Lisa Neuweg

LCPC, Agape Counseling

Lisa McCrohan

Lisa McCrohan


I believe…

I believe that delight is our true nature, compassion heals, and being in community with like-hearted people nourishes the soul. I believe that you embody your true power when you listen within. I believe that when you align everyday life with what is sacred to you, you live with an inner freedom. I believe that as we honor what delights our hearts, together we create more compassionate homes, communities, and world.




Can you picture this shift in your life?

What Typically Happens

What I have seen over the years, is that most of my clients become “life-long clients.” Initially, clients may come with wanting support for a particular situation and I end up accompanying them through the various seasons of their lives. They learn practices to bring into their day, and they have experiences in our sessions of deeply healing body-centered work that nourishes their nervous systems. Clients begin to sense the shifts happening as their capacity grows to live with aliveness and intention.  I encourage my clients each year to discern the kind of self-care they need and utilize the package of sessions that can best support their wellbeing.

Go on and love yourself so completely with so much regard and kindness and see what happens in your home, your relationships, and our world.

– Lisa McCrohan

Lisa gave me my life back...

...the work I did with Lisa made a lasting and profound impact on me and my life. We did our work from opposite sides of the country and still we were able to connect...

Powerful storyteller...

When I read Lisa’s words, I feel like I am sitting face-to-face with a dear friend who knows the struggles of my heart...

She lifts my heart and brightens my world...

Lisa gently and lovingly teaches us how to release guilt and embrace every little thing we are doing right...

I found the courage...

After several sessions of mindfulness and compassion coaching, I was able to access a clearer and more confident self, which allowed me to make mindful decisions and take action in a self-compassionate and intentional way...

I am truly transformed...

I have learned how to resource and support myself when faced with difficult emotions. Lisa deeply regarded all parts of myself which helped lead me back to loving and caring for myself. I will be forever grateful for Lisa’s authenticity and compassion while working with me...


“May you know a deep sense of contentment. May you touch the spaciousness within you as you go about your day. May you be nourished – mind, body, spirit, heart, and relationships.”

~  Lisa A. McCrohan, MA, LCSW-C, RYT