Yesterday, I dug my hands
into the earth.
Cleaned out dead leaves
and blossoms from around
the hydrangea bushes,
lambs ears plants, cherry
trees, and maple trees.

Instantly the smell of dirt
filled my senses.

I stopped.

Ahhhh the smell of spring!

As I cleared out what was
brittle and dead, I saw
green leaves appearing,
tiny buds beginning to

Life quietly
and yet tenaciously

Yesterday, I thought about
how our lives have us
inside so much – too much –
away from the pulsing
rhythms of the earth.

I don’t want to live so
inside – so detached from
Mother Earth.

I need my bare feet on
the land, to feel the hum
of Earth in my whole body –
to hear, watch, smell, and
taste our connection.

– Lisa McCrohan, (c) 2021


I’m not finished with this poem yet. But it’s a start.  And I wanted to share it with you.

I don’t know about you, but even though we ski all winter long and we are outside a lot, the smells and sights of spring show me how we’ve been inside too much.

Living too inside – our own homes, our own thoughts, our own circles – we forget our connections. We forget how connected we are to Mother Earth and one another. And then, because of that disconnect, we see Earth and living beings as “other.”  We are more likely to just TAKE from Mother Earth rather than be in communion with her.​  We are more likely to dehumanize other humans who don’t look like us rather than recognize our shared humanity.

To restore a sense of compassion, reverence, and regard for all of life, we need to restore our connections.

Let’s with begin with digging our hands into the earth, pausing, and just smelling the dirt.

Let’s begin with going outside and listening to the birds chirping.

Let’s begin with pausing and looking for one little tree bud emerging.

Let’s begin with thanking Mother Earth for her blessings, her hum, her rhythm, her gift of herself to us.

A Sacred Pause Practice for Spring

Pick one spot in nature – maybe even right outside your window or near your home that you see every day.

Yes, just ONE spot.

And over the next few days and weeks — notice how this one spot changes.

Every day, spend some time in this spot.  Maybe it’s just for 30 seconds. Maybe it’s for five minutes.  But go there and pause for a moment.

And notice: what’s different each day?

Evoke the senses.  What do you SEE that’s different — new buds, new colors, new animals visiting?  What do you HEAR that’s different?  What do you FEEL/TOUCH that’s different?  What do you SMELL— and even TASTE! — that’s different?

And then notice: what’s different within YOU – each day, and because of this experience?

I’d love to hear how this practice goes for you, what softens within you, and how it reconnects you to YOU, to Earth, to others, and to all of life.


*At the start of the pandemic, I started to make some videos on Youtube to offer free resources that help nourish us.  I have a few there.  Check out this one, Walking the Path of Beauty. I love handwriting my poems and setting them to some soft music for a soothing poetic experience.  It’s short (2 minutes), so go ahead and put it on repeat for a sacred pause.  This poem is perfect for welcoming spring.

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Sending you love and blessings for springtime connections!



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