A New Live Course:

Soul Fuel

Join me in Spring 2021 as I lead a group of women through a 10-week group coaching experience filled with body-soul nourishment, poetic inspiration, sacred feminine embodiment practices, nervous system resilience tools, fun + creative practices, soulful community, and meditations for real-life to spark your joy and kindle the courage within you to let your light shine. 

As a Somatic Experiencing Psychotherapist, I have been holding space for people in this pandemic. We do NOT need more information, another obligation, or a lot of heavy mental learning. WE need EXPERIENCES + COMMUNITY to fuel our soul…a balm for our nervous systems, minds, bodies, and hearts.  We need uplifting inspiration and practices that kindle our courage, spark our joy, and guide us to live aligned with our Souls.

Soul Fuel will be your sanctuary for finding hope, discovering your soul’s wisdom, embodying the courage to let your shine, and engaging in the rebellious act of rest and true soul alignment for your inner peace and happiness.


An invitation to a community of:

Ease, Joy, Peace, Hope, Connection & Love


This course is the inspiration and balm you need! You will deepen your soul-courage, build resilience in your nervous system, and kindle your inner light.

The Course:

How it will work

We start Monday, March 1, 2020 and go for 10 weeks to Thursday, May 6. Every Monday you’ll receive the inspiration and practice for that week.  Every Thursday, we will meet LIVE on Zoom as a community for group coaching.

There is NO “HAVE TO!”  This is all about nourishing your heart, mind, nervous system, body, soul, and life. Only do and participate in what you need and what is like honey for your soul.  There is no falling behind–only do what is SOUL RIGHT!

There is no hassling with logging into a new system: I’ll send you emails with video links, audio meditations, etc. You get to keep your downloads and worksheets even after the experience is over! 

Our Themes:

  • Week 1 & 2: Finding Hope
  • Weeks 3 & 4: Kindling Courage
  • Weeks 5 & 6: Redefining Strength
  • Weeks 7 & 8: Choosing Compassion
  • Weeks 9 & 10: Protecting Your Peace
Course Details:

What You Will Get

Every Monday morning for 10 weeks you’ll get a poetic inspiration and Soul Fuel Practice that help you to embody the theme for the week in the form of one or more of the following:


Short Videos

Videos to guide you through feminine embodiment practices, inspire you when you feel overwhelmed, and keep your light shining.


Audio Meditations

Soul Fuel and Poetic Sacred Pauses that are like honey for your soul.  You can put these on and listen throughout the day when your senses need a break and your soul needs to feel refreshed and renewed.


Unique, creative activities that will spark your creativity and kindle your joy.


journal prompts

Simple questions to help you go deeper into soulful reflection and inspired action.

Live group coaching:

We will meet LIVE EVERY THURSDAY for Group Coaching.  These will NOT be your typical Zoom meeting! These will be a time to EXPERIENCE Soul Fuel through nourishing embodiment practices that I guide you through, poetic reflection prompts that cut through the distractions and help you to listen within to YOUR inner voice, soulful conversations with your cohort so you don’t feel alone or crazy, and “soul-homework”  so can feel your creativity and joy blossoming and you are inspired to take DOABLE action in your life right now.

(Can’t get there?! Don’t worry. They will be recorded!)

Dates of Zoom Experiences (US eastern time, 2021)

  • Every Thursday March 4 – May 6, 2021 at 1-2 pm ET

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