Your Wings

Why are you still playing small?

Rise up, my Love.

The nest you are in

is too small for you.

Jump out!

Take a leap

and fly!

You were meant to soar.

Your wings were meant to

draw people’s eyes up

to the heavens

in awe.

Lisa McCrohan, © 2018

I know so many women who are saying, “It’s time for me to rise.”  For too long women have held back our brilliance, quieted our voices, second-guessed ourselves and our abilities, and played small for too long.  We have sat in too many meetings where another person quickly raises his hand for a new role or a big project while we sit and wonder, “Maybe I need to get more training.”  We’ve been socialized to “let others go first.”  We’ve been socialized to doubt ourselves and let that doubt hold us back while we accumulate yet another degree, another certification.

That’s changing.  I coach women in leadership positions who are ready to rise.  They know they are meant to soar.  They know they are meant to lead.  They know they are meant to be the change-makers of our world. AND they deserve to be compensated for it — with a proper title and pay.  They recognize the value of having a coach alongside them because the competition can be fierce, the unhealthy patriarchy strong, and the voices in their heads loud.  I help to keep them clear and focused — clear about their calling in life and focused on the right amount of effort and the right amount of surrender, trust, and grace.

These women are ready to rise.  They are ready to soar.  They are ready to empower others — women, men, children — and create a whole new way of leading.

Maybe you are, too.  Maybe you are tired of watching others enthusiastically raise their hands while you sit there sorting out the doubts in your head, only to then become frustrated because you know that you have the skill, aptitude, and passion to lead.  So then you get down on yourself.  You wonder, “What’s wrong with me?!”

Or maybe you are at the top of your game.  People recognize the work you do and you are in a high-profile leadership position.  This is when women often come to me saying, “I am just waiting for people to see that I am not what they think I am.  If only they knew.  I feel like a fraud.”  Some call this “impostor syndrome” where a person fears that they’ll be “exposed as a fraud” — someone will find an inconsistency in them and will expose them for not really being up for the task.  This is another way the voice of self-doubt rears its head.  It’s another way the quiet, sly internal belief of “not being enough” takes a hold of our throats and holds us back and weakens our voice.


You want your work and life to feel vibrant and full of abundance.  Life may not be “bad” it’s just not vibrant and lush.  You often feel the need to sleep more and yet move your body.  You sometimes feel like you need a vacation and you just want your brain to turn off for awhile.  You some times feel stuck.  You know what you want but it’s just not here.

You are right – it’s not HERE — in this nest that you are still in.  It’s too small for you.  That’s you playing safe.  That’s you playing small.  And you are ready to leave the nest — your comfort zone.  You imagine how it would feel to fly.  You imagine how it would feel to take a leap out of the nest you are in because you feel the calling rising from within you to do so.  You know you have wings.  And you know you were born to use them.

You have a story to tell. You have an idea to bring to this world.  You have a program, artwork, or song to share. You hear God calling you.  You have glimpses of images within your heart and mind of what it would be like to leap from the comfortable space you are in into the unknown of offering the world your gift.  There will be both an exhilaration and a stillness, a sense of contentment and wonder, love and compassion.  It’s in you.  And you know it.

“What’s the next right step?” my mom asked me years ago when I was discerning how to bring a dream I had into form.  What’s the next right step for you? Just do the next right thing.

If you don’t know, you can ask yourself another question my mom asked me, “How can you embody the essence of this dream right now in the way you go about your day?  How can you begin it right now in this very moment?”


What you desire is possible because God placed it on your heart and in your mind long before you imagined it.  And now, there are many who are listening to this call and seeing that they have wings that were meant to lift them out of the nest and into the flight — so others, too, can be inspired by your presence and look to God so they, too, begin to take flight. It’s time.


It is my delight to accompany people in discerning and taking the “next right step” to experience what it’s like to honor the call within them.  You can find out more about personal coaching or professional coaching and schedule a free initial consult to see how it can be to be supported.

It is a good time to think about and plan for the care you need for next year.  I have done this myself for several years now.  I plan out the kind of care I think I need – massage, my own SE practitioner, energy work – and I schedule it with my practitioners.  I’d love to help you do the same.



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