Professional Development Coaching

Deepen leadership skills and develop a strategic vision for your life and work.

Deepen your authentic leadership presence and unlock your potential by knowing yourself, knowing your team, and knowing your vision.

Professional development coaching is for rising leaders, seasoned executives, and teams. I offer both individual coaching and group sessions for leadership guidance as well as for workplace or career-related issues. I support you, your employees, or your team to see yourself more clearly, identify the gaps between where you are and where you want to be, and develop your path to authentic, effective leadership and living.

Professional coaching is one of the most powerful tools you can use to enhance your executive presence, to sharpen your leadership skills, and to find a work/life balance that honors what matters most to you.

Why People Hire a Professional Coach

Some individuals hire me directly while other times I am hired by an organization seeking to invest in their rising or seasoned leaders. Often clients come to me because they are either transitioning into a leadership role, dealing with a particular work-related issue, or wanting a transformation.

Transitioning into a new leadership role: Maybe you are stepping into a new role in your work, taking on greater leadership and responsibility, and are looking to hone your leadership skills. I help you not only grow into your career, but to thrive in it and find joy in it.

Dealing with a particular work-related issue: Maybe you are facing a situation or workplace dynamic for which you need an outside sounding board to assist you in coming up with creative strategies for overcoming the obstacles facing you and your teams. Together we identify a plan of action to shift from feeling stuck to taking empowered action.

Wanting a transformation: Maybe you are a feel comfortable in your work but know there is more you could do if you could unlock your potential. Maybe you are at the peak of your career, but still aren’t happy and are looking for greater meaning in your work and life. This is when our work is about helping you assess where you are, get clear on what matters most to
you, and make shifts that enable you to live and work with a deeper sense of meaning and impact.

What You Can Expect

Professional coaching is a process we walk through together.  After an initial assessment, I lead you through goal setting, developing an individualized plan, monitoring progress and obstacles, evaluating goals accomplished, and identifying further goals to attain.  Clients typically work with me from anywhere between 3-12 months depending on your goals and situation.  In the course of our work you can expect to:

  • Deepen your confidence and self-trust as you embody your power
  • Learn how to effectively communicate with coworkers, partners, and team members
  • Identify your strengths and play to them in order to deepen your influence and impact while leading in a way that is aligned with your truth
  • Learn to have strong boundaries that are based on radical self-responsibility and regard
  • Deepen your emotional and social intelligence
  • Know how it feels to be grounded and resourced as you work and live
  • Identify the key areas where you need to make positive shifts
  • Align your passion and sense of purpose with your career path
  • Create a clear vision for your workplace goals
  • Keep what’s most important front and center
  • Feel your creativity flowing – learn how to develop, innovate, and channel it
  • Experience greater work/life balance

Professional Coaching for Your Team

In addition to individual professional coaching, I also offer group coaching, which is designed for work teams. This could be a group of employees who work together on a daily basis but have not been able to gel, and leadership is looking to deepen the team’s trust and synergy.

Or, you have a group of managers or partners who could benefit from similar guidance for effective management approaches. Whether you have a specific issue to address or you are paving the way for future goals, group professional coaching is an excellent resource. Use my free consult call to let me know what’s going on, and I will give you some ideas of how we can work together.

My Specialties

Women in Leadership Roles:  For individual professional coaching, my most common type of clients are women in leadership roles. Whether the owner of a small business, or the head of a corporation, there are plenty of challenges facing women in business today. Common client concerns include: communicating with impact, establishing her authentic executive presence, salary negotiations, deepening self-confidence, pregnancy, traveling, and balancing family life and work demand. We also address plenty of issues that are not specific to women, such as: motivating a team; being an effective leader; resolving conflict; assuming new responsibilities; and working with upper management.

Transitioning Leaders:  I often work with men and women who are transitioning into new leadership roles to guide them as they assume greater responsibility, clarify their vision, and apply their strengths to their new role.

Experienced Executives: When achievement is not enough to bring satisfaction in their work, experienced executives often ask themselves if there is something more.  I work with these leaders to re-vision their work and align it more closely with their own life purpose so they can thrive in their work and inspire their teams.

Mindfulness in the workplace:  bring mindfulness into your leadership to enhance performance, deepen access to creativity, and build resiliency.  I work with individuals and teams to incorporate mindfulness practices into work and life in a way that is doable and sustainable.

Choosing a Coach

All coaches are different. Find one you feel comfortable with. Many coaches offer a free consultation, like I do. Whether you do a short consult or you reach out to your potential coach through email, peruse their website, read their blog posts, and get a feel for their style to see if you are a good match.

Schedule Now

I offer free 30-minute calls to help you to know if we are a good fit and to ask questions. You can even schedule it right now on this site…no back and forth or comparing our calendars! Click here, then pick your day and time and I will call you. If you are considering coaching, this is a perfect, easy first step!

What Makes Me Unique as a Coach & Therapist

  • I have over 10 years of coaching experience. In addition to serving local clients, my remote service allows me to work with clients not only across the US, but with people anywhere in the world! I have enjoyed working with clients who are in Canada, Italy, England, Belgium, Spain, and Australia.
  • I have a clinical master’s degree and background. I’m a licensed clinical social worker (LCSW-C) and have practiced as a somatic psychotherapist for 14 years.
  • I have an additional master’s in theology with a focus on spirituality of the body.
  • I have over 20 years of personal experience and training in meditation, mindfulness, and compassion.
  • I am a Somatic Experiencing® Practitioner with extensive training in how to truly build capacity within the nervous system and experience working with clients to properly understand trauma and effectively resolve it and heal.
  • I have worked in a variety of settings and with a wide-range of clients – from being the Wellness Counselor for faculty and staff at Georgetown University and facilitating mindfulness-based wellness programs for them, to working in elementary schools…from working with disadvantaged populations with complex trauma, to being in faith-based settings, nonprofits, women’s empowerment organizations, and business.

Plans and Pricing

Choose the package that best supports you:

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Questions? Ready to Get Started?

I offer a free 30-minute consultation call so potential clients can ask questions and get a sense of our work together before diving in. It gives me a chance to get to know you and learn how I can best support you, too, which I find leads to a strong first session. It's a great, low-risk way to get started on this important journey!