Calm in the Chaos – poetic meditation series




Start you day feeling centered and calm.  When your anxiety is running high, you can easily spin out of control and feel overwhelmed.  That’s also when unhealthy habits can kick back in.  How you start your day matters.  I would love to help you start your day with a bit of stillness to inspire hope, courage, and compassion within you.

I’ve created curated poetic guided meditations to nourish your mind, body, and soul.  Poetry heals us.  It soothes our nervous systems.  It helps us get out of “fight, flight, or freeze” and into “soften and savor.”  In this journey, I’ll use guided visualization, body-centered practices, mindfulness-meditation, and compassion-focused practices.  It’ll be lovely!

Each of us can shift the vibration in our world from one of anxiety and fear, to one of connection and hope.  It begins with each of us every morning – cultivating and connecting to that sacred stillness within us.

Here’s what you get:

Two new audio meditation a week for four weeks. That’s a total of eight meditations.  (Audio meditations are 4-10 minutes in length).  I created these meditations especially for these times.   Each meditation is a poetic experience to help you drop into your center and start your day with calm and hope.

A mindfulness-based, compassion-focused, body-centered practice with each meditation.  Along with the audio meditation, I’ll send you a short practice that you can take into your everyday life to help you stay focused on health and well-being.

It’s my delight to support you and journey alongside you.

You can listen to the introduction and welcome here:



You can also listen to Meditation #6 for free here on this blog post: Beside You.

I hope you’ll join me.


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