Beside You

I walk beside you.
No need to worry.
I am here with you, at your side.
You do not go alone.
When you breathe in, breathe in my peace.
Let it flow into every cell in your body,
softening what has been bracing for too long now.
When you breathe out, breathe out your worries to me.
Let me take them and unburden you.

I walk beside you.
I will wrap a shawl around your shoulders
when you shiver from cold or fear.
I will listen to what troubles you
And just be with you.
You are never alone.

I walk beside you.
It’s okay to take off the armor around your heart
and feel the sunlight warming your skin,
to feel fresh air enlivening your lungs,
to remember you are good
and you are loved.

Lisa McCrohan, MA, LCSW-C, SEP

When I had been carrying too much…when I felt alone…when it felt like the flame of hope was flickering out….I felt this prayer/poem rising from within me as if the Divine was speaking it to me.  May it offer you comfort and a gentle, steady reminder that the Divine walks with you.  The Divine is beside you.  The Divine takes what feels hopeless and wraps you in warmth, grace, and mercy.

If you’d like to be led through a poetic meditation with this poem and the Divine beside you, I’d love to share this meditation, Beside You.

You can find more on my Calm in the Chaos poetic meditation series.


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