how to take a sacred pause

taking a sacred pause in Spring.

“Rest in the pause between breaths.
Pause in the rest between thoughts.
Bask in the space between words.
Stop in the stillness of a calm lake
and listen.”
– Julie Rappaport

The Sacred Pause. Pausing for a moment in our day, perhaps several times in a day, to “arrive” right here is a nourishing embodiment practice that you can weave into your day – whether you work at home or you head out to an office.

As a mom to two little ones, I know how busy life can be.  I get up before the first glimmers of light appear through the windows in our bedroom.  I often feel like I am going all day long until I fall asleep — often in one of my kiddo’s beds!

It is challenging to get away for a long-ish retreat. I find that I need “retreats in everyday life.”   The Sacred Pause is a mini “retreat in everyday life.”  These mini retreats support us in responding to our dear ones (children, spouse, co-workers) with compassion instead of reacting out of fear or anger.  As we weave a Sacred Pause into our day, we “come back home” to our senses, our bodies, our hearts, and our intention for living in a way that honors what is sacred.   As we literally feel our hearts beating, we come back into communion with the Pulse of Life.  And that boosts our resilience, clarity, decision-making abilities, and creativity!  Just 30 seconds is a game-changer.

Every. Single.  Client.  or workshop I facilitate, I offer the wisdom of finding “everyday ways” to take mini retreats.  To center ourselves.  To re-arrive in this moment.  Because it clears our heads and resets our nervous systems.

One such way or tool is the Sacred Pause.

The Sacred Pause is a gift.  It gives us a chance to come back to our hearts.  To relax in embodied presence. To recharge. To nourish our nervous systems.  To begin again our daily tasks of caring for others – whether that’s at home or work.

Here are the steps to taking a Sacred Pause:

– take a moment to pause.  Maybe you’d like to sit down.

-Feel the feet on the floor.

– Let the legs relax.

– Soften the belly.

– Feel the heart slightly lifting up to the sky.

– Feel the crown of the head lifting up to the sky.

– Soften your face – eyes, jaw, lips.

– Feel the shoulders relax.

– Become still.

– Sense your attention deepening and feel your body.

– Take a few full breaths – slowly exhaling.

– Breathe in…Breathe out…

– Sense yourself softening – your eyes, shoulders, judgment

– Sense yourself softly smiling.

– Feel the heart – from the back of the heart – lifting.

– Feel the sensations of your body – maybe tingling in your shoulders, or warmth in your hands.

– Feel the body from the inside out.

– Allow yourself to rest – just breathing in and out, feel the rise and fall of your breath.

– Stay here, still and breathing, for as long as you need.

– When you are ready, open your eyes gently and slowly.

– Notice how you feel.

This is the practice I do several times a day and teach to my clients.  It’s amazing to see how in just a few minutes, we can be nourished and resourced.

How can you weave a sacred pause into your day?
  • The moment you wake up.
  • waiting for your tea or coffee to brew.
  • when you are waiting for the shower to warm up.
  • as you enter your office or place of work

The Sacred Pause is a mindful practice that can bring us back to our hearts and help us to arrive here again and remind us of our connection to our own Self and the pulse of Life.


Sacred Pause Resources

*Be guided through the Sacred Pause meditation (7 minutes of calm & connection)! You can get it in my shop to download and carry with you wherever you go (download it on your desktop first):

Guided Meditation: Sacred Pause

You can also find other meditations on my shop that will support you from sun up to sun down!

May this practice serve to reconnect you to what is most sacred in your everyday life, support you in coming back Home to yourself, and living with compassion. 



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