Rising. From my book, Your Light is Rising. And in my podcast, Delightful!


When I was a little girl, I wanted to be an author. I wanted to be a leader by being a mayor of a small town. And I wanted to own my own business – like being a real estate agent.
My mom — to support my courageous spirit — she said, “Let’s go and get your picture taken. Every real estate agent, mayor or author needs a picture – a headshot.”
So — this is so “old school” – my mom took me to Olan Mills! You know, one of those 1980’s studio photography places where they placed you in front of pull-down backdrops of forests and rivers and took your very-posed picture!!!
My mom was encouraging me to rise — encouraging me to believe in my dreams and in myself. Now, obviously, she knew I wouldn’t use that headshot when I finally did come of age to actually be able to be a leader, author, etc. But she believed in me and wanted to encourage me to rise.
That encouragement has stayed with me all these years. Now obviously I am not mayor of a small town, nor am I a real estate agent! How *I* define “bigger and bolder” as well as leadership is different than how our society defines it.
“Bigger and bolder” for me means taking the soul risk to shine my light and share my gifts with the world — even if that doesn’t add up to how our world defines “success.”
I have had to let go of society’s definition of success — it does not serve me “rising.” That isn’t always easy. But it is freeing and it does feel like authentic living.
Who has encouraged you to rise? Who has believed in you and supported YOUR authentic version of “bigger and bolder”?
In my latest episode of Delightful, my new podcast, we get in to how you define “success” right now and how to let go of what no longer serves you — so you can rise into your authentic way of doing life.
In this episode, I share with you:
– three soulful questions that can help you get clear on what doesn’t serve you and what your vision is for being lighter, freer and less harsh.
– 6 signs that something doesn’t serve you
– 8 ways to let go of what doesn’t serve you
Want to sit back and enjoy this episode without having to take notes?  Want to have a written outline of all the goodness in this episode?
I’ve got you covered!
**Members of my monthly membership, Delightful Divas, in support of my podcast get a detailed outline of what I shared in today’s episode: the 3 soulful questions, 6 signs that something doesn’t serve you, and 8 ways to let go of what doesn’t serve you — so you can journal about these things and be inspired to let go and RISE!
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Just like the flowers blooming right now, we are called to rise.  Every person I work with in Integrative Coaching is wanting to rise – to answer the call of their soul to express itself in this season of their life.  I bet you feel this, too.  You have a unique voice, gift, and presence to offer this world.  You deserve to feel this kind of sacred alignment.  It’s so time!  I’d love to support you!  Listen to the podcast and join the growing community of Delightful Divas!  I’m here for you!


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