Saturated With The Holy

Do not let your senses be saturated
with so much time on your devices —
with the artificial pings and dings
that disconnect you
from the experience of being
embodied and alive.

Saturate yourself with rest.

Bathe yourself in full body breaths –
loving inhales and cleansing exhales.

Overflow your mind with patient, kind,
and encouraging thoughts about yourself.

Let your eyes rest on the beauty in your
everyday life – the iris blooming,
your dog snuggled next to you
gently snoring, the stream flowing
with last night’s rainstorm,
the devoted, aging hand of your beloved
offering you a cup of coffee.

Let your ears be consumed with
the sounds of gentle names for yourself:
Sweetheart, Beloved, Dear One, Love.

Soak your nervous system
in the stillness of the forest.

Go at a pace that allows you time
to taste your food, linger giving the hug,
hear the geese up above,
and watch the black purples of the night sky
slowly turn into golden rays of possibility.

Land here in the present.
Receive this precious moment –
so saturated with the holy.

Lisa McCrohan, MA, LCSW-C, SEP © 2022



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