These are unusual and unprecedented times. Our collective and personal anxiety is up.  Here are 15 ways to help soothe your anxiety, stay connected (to your heart, your dear ones, and humanity), and be nourished (mind, body, soul):

  1.  Wake up and mediate with me (online – Calm in the Chaos!)
  2. Get fresh air at least once in the day. Be in nature wherever you can find it – hug a tree, out your feet in the grass, walk in a patch of woods near your home (nature heals.  Here’s a poem, Moments of Quiet, for you).
  3. Call or video call one friend or family member a day.
  4. Limit listening to the news. Set a timer.
  5. Move your body – put on music and start dancing.
  6. Call an elderly neighbor and ask if they need anything.
  7. Listen to that poetic mediation again that I sent you! (Midday centering and grounding – we all need it!)
  8. Call someone you know who is alone to say, “Hi, I am thinking of you.”
  9. Be offline some – read a book, play a board game, take a bath.
  10. When you wash your hands, name three things you are grateful for.
  11. Watch anything uplifting.
  12. Journal.  Acknowledge what you are feeling.  Repeat: “It’s okay to feel what I’m feeling. I’m not alone.”
  13. Repeat often: “It’s okay to take care of myself.”  Read this poem, Self-Love.(I’m sure it’ll be part of the Calm in the Chaos series!)
  14. Come to our dance, meditate, and create party!  A Time for Healing, with me and Kyia (online!) on St. Patrick’s Day (7 pm EST)
  15. Practice lovingkindness.  Put your hand on your heart, soften your eyes, and say a blessing of peace and health for yourself and your dear ones, and then send a blessing out to the world for all of humanity.


Calm in the Chaos: I will send you two poetic guided meditations a week to you that I’m recording just for these times! They’ll be sent on Mondays and Thursdays for four weeks. I’m telling you – these will be nourishing.  I’ve recording the first one for Monday.  And I’ll be recording them as we go so that they address what’s happening – collectively and what individual people are sharing with me – as we are in this together.  Come join me!

Dance, Meditate, and Paint Party, A TIME FOR HEALING, March 17, 7 pm EST.  It’s free and online, but you have to register.  We’ll be using Zoom – download the app and join us!

We are in this together!



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