The Soul’s Way

You think that you can control what will come
by planning and striving,
reaching and being ever so organized.
When you have “everything in place,”
you have the illusion of control.
For a while, you may feel satisfied,
the hunger seems quelled,
and all is quiet and neatly arranged.

But yet I call you into the unknown,
to not have it all planned out,
to just hear my voice and leap into the mystery.
I have plans for you that you cannot plan,
organize or plot out with colorful markers,
progressive steps, and a linear timeline.

This is not my way.
It is not the way to true freedom.
Freedom is here, right now,
surrendering, trusting,
believing in the possibility that
I can delight your soul
more than any planning
could ever offer you.

Lisa McCrohan, MA, LCSW-C, SEP



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