Sometimes we hold really tight to our current story, our way of doing things, or our view of ourselves, our relationships, and our life, even though it has stopped being life-giving.

We keeping trying so very hard to “make it work.” We keep going. We keep putting in energy. We keep trying to make it work.

Today I woke up and read this again from today’s gospel (Catholic Church):

“Amen, amen, I say to you,
unless a grain of wheat falls to the ground and dies,
it remains just a grain of wheat;
but if it dies, it produces much fruit.”

We are scared of letting go of the thing that isn’t working — that may even be dead — for fear of the unknown of “sacred possibility” that calls to us.

Of course we would be scared. It would feel much safer just to remain as we are – that one grain of wheat. And we’ve invested a lot in being that grain of wheat.

But, you and I both have noticed that something else is calling us forth. We have heard the holy whisper. We’ve felt the intuitive impulse. We may even have tried to ignore it or push it away: “No, not that! I just want to be a grain of wheat!”

At some point, though, holding on to who we are or our way of doing things is not working. It’s not bearing the fruit you know you were called to bring life to.

And so for each of us, there’s a time of “dropping to the ground…and dying.”

What can this look like?

Literally dropping to the ground in an awkward, unsure, not perfect posture of surrender and saying, “Okay, I hear you. I give it up to you. I’m listening. Show me what to do next.”

It might look like admitting to yourself, “This isn’t working. I’m letting it go. And I’m open to the possibility that something more life-giving is possible.”

It might look like going for a long walk, taking some time out to be in nature, and listening to what you are being called to let die in order to embrace what wants to be born from within you.

It might mean admitting that there are some big changes that now just have to happen.

At some point, we must open that tight grip we have…and let it go.

We stand there with two empty hands – the space of “in between.” The phase of “Two Empty hands.”

That may look like:

Looking around anxiously and saying, “Okay, now what?”

Or freaking out.

Or wanting to fill your hand with something – anything…just to not feel the emptiness.

This Phase of Two Empty Hands can actually be quite freeing. It’s not at first because it’s scary and we aren’t used to it. We’re used to the holding tightly, the clinging, and the grasping.

But ohhhhh there is so much “happening” in the Phase of Two Empty Hands!

When we stand with two empty hands (or lay on the ground!), we are admitting to ourselves that what WAS is no longer working and we are DONE turning our attention to it. We are announcing that we are open. We are inviting in new energy, new possibility, and new life. We are opening. We are carefully discerning what we’ll pick up in those precious hands of ours.

As we remain in the Phase of Two Empty Hands, we start to feel a sense of TRUST emerging…and empowerment. We won’t settle for just ANYthing in those hands.

This may not LOOK to others like you aren’t doing much. But, oh precious soul, you are BECOMING. You are grain of wheat that has now been planted in new soil. You are waiting in the darkness. You are knitting a new mindset and heart-focus as you turn toward what you deeply love.

Our job when we are in the Phase of Two Empty Hands?

Trust (ohhh this is the hard one!).
Say “no” to the old habit that wants to pull you back like a stretched out rubberband.
And give yourself water and sunshine.

Water and sunshine.

What water and sunshine do you need in order to remain in that new soil, to wait in the darkness of “not yet,” and to remain steadfast in your trust?

Maybe it’s committing to actually getting water and sunshine every single day. So you fill up your water bottle and make sure you are hydrated throughout the day. Maybe you commit to going for a walk every day – no matter what.

Maybe the kind of water and sunshine you need is to call on the resources that nourish you. A coach, a guide – someone who is going to help you how to remain steadfast in trusting, turning toward that new vision, and listening to that holy voice within you.  This is what I’m about — holding space for you to listen, discern, get clear, remain steadfast to that new life calling to you (and not picking up just anything in those two precious hands of yours), and allowing (vs. forcing) what wants new life to be expressed through you with wise action.

You can find out more about Coaching here.  I offer a free consultation to see how it feels.  Here in the United States, many of us aren’t used to having a coach — someone along side us who be alongside us.  But many of us are waking up to the essential need for it as we “get serious” about the life we want to lead and what we want to do with our precious, precious life.


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