For so long now I’ve heard Spirit talking to me. I believe everyone has access to this Inner Voice. Call it God, Spirit, Beloved, Universe — I believe it’s all from the same Source.

In my new (and first!) book, Gems of Delight, I’m breaking down barriers between religions and taking a big risk in sharing how the Divine has talked to me. I’m jumping out of the “religion boxes” and leaping into the sacred light that we can all rally around: compassion, love, and delight.

Because the Divine is much bigger (and happier, and more joy-filled and a heck of a lot less about perfection!) than the boxes we put the Divine in! And Spirit uses terms of endearments, like “Dear Heart” and “My Love” to connect to YOU!

Here’s what the Beloved told me one day about “perfection”:

God: “Dear Heart, you have this one beautiful, glorious life to live! Enough wasting it with believing that you are not good and you are not enough! You are perfect, My Dear, just as you are! I love you whenever and however you are. I know you feel the call within you to drop the story, drop the trying, and drop the perfecting!

The world has me all wrong! I don’t desire perfection. I long for you to embrace and embody your inner goodness, to see the magnificence of your Light, to feel free, and to do what only you were born to do in this world! It’s time now.”

Lisa McCrohan, (c) 2017

It’s as though the “pressure of perfection” is in the water!  I hear how moms want to “get it right” in psychotherapy and coaching.  And “right” has often translated into “going for perfection.”  Whatever we do, we believe it’s never good enough.

Perfection is one big fat lie.  It’s sold to us by mainstream marketing so that we keep spending billions of dollars reaching for some impossible sense of perfection – in how we look, how we work, what we achieve, what we own, and how we parent.  I can’t help but say this, too:  so often perfection has been emphasized in our religious contexts as well.

Well, the Divine within me has told me again and again our world has it all wrong.  The Beloved doesn’t desire perfection.  Instead, the Beloved is a god of compassion and just desires to be alongside us, to let our light shine, and to believe in our magnificence.

It is way over due for us to drop the pressure of perfection – in our everyday lives and in our spirituality.  It’s time for us to replace the pursuit of perfection with the embrace of compassion.

Can you imagine what would happen if we drop the pressure of perfection and instead extend the embrace of compassion?

What would it be like to take the pressure off our children for perfection and instead focus on compassion?

What would it be like to ask yourself, “How much compassion can I extend to myself?”  as you get dressed in the morning, get the kiddos up and out the door, go about your day, workout, do the grocery shopping, work, lead that workshop, fold the laundry, plan meals, follow that dream, write that article or paint that picture?

I’m all for omitting perfection from our vocabulary!

Let today be the day you drop the pressure of perfection and leap into the magnificence of your Light to do only what you were born to do in this world!

Let today be the day you let your dear ones “off the hook” and let them be human.

Gems of Delight is my first book! Divided by the seasons of the year, it is filled with spiritual poetry, prayers, and conversations with the Divine to support moms in healing the hurry and embracing what is sacred to them in everyday life.  Yes, it’s spiritual and poetic. We need Something Sacred that’s bigger than us. And poetry nourishes the nervous system and the soul. It’s time for both in our daily lives.


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