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“Follow what delights your heart” and “I cherish you.” Truths to live by. My daughter and I holding hands. Puppy…always up for sharing in the love.

She opened the sweetly wrapped gift from her sister, felt the soft leather between her fingers, and slowly read the words inscribed on the poetic wrist wrap.

“What delights your heart?” It read.

Four little words. Four seemingly simple words. Four powerful, game-changer, wake-up-and-embrace-your-life kind of words.

“What delights your heart?”

She put on the wrist wrap and looked at her sister, “I’m going to be answering this question the rest of my life.”

When my dear friend shared this story with me, I had just started putting my poetry on wrist wraps. I had no idea how folks would respond, what would be evoked within them, or even if the wraps would sell. But that small still Voice within me nudged me out into the world and whispered, “It’s time.” So I just listened. I knew this sweet little line would be one of the first to be on a wrap.

My friend told me that her sister now wears her poetic wrist wrap every day.

This story inspired me. The moment she opened that little gift, her words were full of wisdom. She reminded me that discovering what deeply delights our hearts is a life-long journey.

Discovering what delights our hearts takes mindful attention.  It takes slowing down.  It takes pausing.  It takes long exhales.  It takes gentle inquiry. And it takes opening.  Opening to the truths within us.  Opening to the quiet whispers of the heart.

And when will it begin?  Will we put it off another day? Another decade?

How long will we tell our hearts to be quiet, our joy to sit still, our ideas to wait?

“What delights your heart?”

Every day, my friend’s sister is getting up, putting on her wrist wrap, going about her day, encountering the inevitable distractions and stress of daily living…and at times, looking down at her wrist. She pauses and feels the wrap between her fingers, reads a word or the whole phrase.

“What delights your heart?”

Where attention goes, energy flows. Her energy goes toward her heart. Listening to her heart. Her energy goes to what matters most. Because she calls back her attention again and again and again to the guiding wisdom of her heart.

Maybe it’s time.

Maybe it’s time you bring a little delight into your day.

Maybe it’s time you listen to the deeper delights of your heart.

Maybe it’s time you have the courage to take the next right step…and ask the question, “What delights my heart?”

This is exactly why I created these poetic wrist wraps.  Little reminders, little touchstones, that gentle call back our attention to what really matters.

What’s it time for in this season of your life? 

Maybe, finally, it’s delight.  A deep sense of marveling in the miraculous that’s already here in your everyday life.  A deep sense of peace.  A deep sense of being on the path of listening so intently to the whispers of your heart.


Holding what delights my heart.

You can find this poetic wrist wrap and my other Gems of Delight on my Shop.

PS. This wrap is perfect for the little wrists of about five year olds and up! You just size their little wrist to the fit they want and cut off the excess leather. The words are still visible.


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