The Gospel Within You

There is a gospel within you that wants to be preached

with words – possibly – but mostly with your body

truth spoken through the way your feet stand firmly and confidently on the earth

the way you

t a k e

u p

s p a c e

the way you are done caring about perfection or pleasing

the way you move freely – liberated from the religions that have kept your hips,

breasts, and lips bound, expressionless, and quiet

the way your eyes reveal the unshakable truth you know deep in your bones

that you – we – are Her.

Lisa McCrohan, MA, LCSW-C, SEP

I know – it’s an unusual word to use: “There’s a GOSPEL within you.” We live in a world now where there is so much fake news that it’s hard to know what is the “truth,” who to believe, or what source is reliable. This is a sacred opportunity to go deeper than the sensationalized stories OUT THERE and tune our ears and hearts to the “good news” within us.

Sometimes that’s scary. We confront our demons, insecurities, and messy emotions. We touch into the reality of our mortality. We might spot weakness and be challenged to redefine power and strength. We might come to see that we have little control over the things we thought we did. So, we often avoid this adventure of “going within” and choose to remain looking to others to feed us “good stories.” The gospel we end up believing is the news we are fed on our virtual news and social media sites.

Yet if we learn to abide WITHIN US and remain there – breath by breath, moment by moment, day by day – we find that there is Voice within us that truly guides us, that calls us each by name, and that gently speaks the truth of our soul – the truth of the universe. Each of us is given a GOSPEL to “preach” maybe with words or a paintbrush, but mostly through our bodies –

“…the way you  t a k e  u p  s p a c e..”

“…the way your eyes reveal the unshakable truth you know deep in your bones that you – we – are Her.”

Your gospel is within you, waiting to be revealed to you – in the next breath, then the next.

Your gospel – your presence – your vibration – that’s rooted in the Beloved can’t NOT be preached. Your soul will have its way.

Your gospel is a necessary “good news” that our world needs. We need light-filled, soul-nourishing truth tellers in this world sharing messages that remind us that we are all connected and that we all belong to each other — and to HER. (Yes, it’s time to shake up the pronouns we use for the Beloved).

In the Bible, you’ll often hear prophets say, “The time is now” or “the time is upon us.”

It’s time now for those breath-by breath, moment-by-moment, day-by-day sacred pauses that draw you into hear – with your ears and heart – the gospel within you.

You might think, “Who – me?!” Or “What do I have to share?!” Or “I’m just a….an anxious woman, a broken man, a queer human being rejected by society, a functioning addict, a person who is filled with regret, an imperfect human being who fails all the time.”

Every prophet started off throwing that kind of stuff back to God when God said, “I need you to be a light for others.”

God always goes to the margins to find God’s beloveds. God always calls forth the ones who feel like the least likely to “preach the news.” God finds and calls forth the imperfect, the “not yet’s,” the insecure, the “don’t have it all together” ones – the least likely in our mainstream culture’s eyes to be a voice for the Beloved.

So you are in good company!

And you are called – inward first. And then outward – to shine, to carry your gospel into the world that only you can, and to share your soul medicine with the world.

THAT is what my forthcoming book, Your Light is Rising is all about – offering you five sacred pauses – five moments – throughout your day (whether you take one or five!) to tune out the “fake news” OUT THERE and tune into the “good news” being revealed INSIDE your heart, body, and soul.

Dawn calls forth hope to blossom in your body and soul, morning invites you to practice courage, midday challenges you to redefine strength, afternoon asks you to plant seeds of compassion, and evening readies you for sleep with soothing words of peace.

TODAY is the LAST DAY to be a part of my Kickstarter campaign – to get a personalized copy of the book, join us for a virtual inspirational poetry reading, or get your name in the book.

I am an Indie author. Everything I do, I do with the help of a very small team – me, my husband, my web designer, and my editor. I rely on the movement of the Spirit within each of you to help this gospel within me get out into the world so it can inspire others to share their gospel!

I’d be so grateful if you help out today.

Here are a few endorsements from my dear first-readers:

“Lisa’s words are truly balm for the soul.  With her gentle presence and support through our everyday journeys, she moves us all with her poetry. Lisa is somehow able to create a safe space and haven for all the ups and downs we may be feeling. This is the type of book to leave bedside and read it over and over.”

-Tracy Brooks, Writer and Shamanic Practitioner, Soul Beckons 

“On the surface, Lisa McCrohan’s latest work, Your Light is Rising, is filled with all of the things she is so, so good at offering us: hope and possibility, opportunities for awakening. Spend time sinking into the experience of her mission for us, and there is much more to discover. Lisa’s guidance and promptings allowed me to release grief previously inaccessible, and to shed tension that was holding me away from people I love. There is not a greater gift, than this. I’m imagining a world in which we all turn to Lisa’s words in the moments of pause within our days (instead of to our phones—as Lisa suggested!) What a more authentic and resonant world it would be.”

-Meghan Nathanson, Writer and Artist, Meghan Nathanson

“Lisa’s poetry is balm for our tired soul’s right now. Your Light is Rising is filled with the life-giving fuel we need to rise up and keep living into our truths. This is my new morning inspiration to have by my side.”

-Shawn Fink, Speaker + Life and Well-being Coach, Shawn Fink


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