It’s Time to Forgive Yourself

It’s time to forgive yourself.
It’s time to take all that energy
that’s bound up in nailing yourself to the cross
and courageously live.

God has so much to say through you –
so many people to comfort
through your kind eyes and gentle touch
so many wrongs in the world to right
through your clear voice of truth
against homophobia, racism, toxic patriarchy,
and religions that do not have a place
for women at the table
let alone at the head of the table.

God is so very done
with you stuffing poison down your throat
trying to keep Her holy voice within you
quiet, polite, and playing it safe.

It’s time to love yourself
with the tenderness, grace, and mercy
that God has for you.

Boldly claim your seat next to Her as the Beloved.

Stop questioning your worth.
Stop comparing yourself to anyone else.

You don’t have to believe in yourself.
She does. And that is enough.

Stop playing the games that keep women
self-correcting, waiting, and panting
to “be better”
to “be enough.”

It’s time for you to
courageously step into the light of Truth
guiding you to heal this world.

She will guide you.

Lisa McCrohan, ©

In my work as a Somatic Experiencing Psychotherapist, Integrative Coach, and spiritual teacher, I have held space for people who feel stuck.  Old experiences can weigh heavily on them.  Shame and remorse arise.  These aren’t easy feelings!  As we go through our day, we work really hard to try and keep these away and out of our thinking.  Yet, they are there – much like an iceberg under the water.  When we try and push them away, our energy is wrapped up in working so hard to avoid them that we don’t actually heal them – and we go around half living, with our light dimly shining.  The Beloved doesn’t want this for us.  The Beloved is soooo not interested in nailing you to the cross — reminding you again and again of what  you did or didn’t do, how you failed, or how you messed up.

Instead, the Beloved is about setting you free from this.  The Divine wants to take all that energy bound up in nailing yourself to the cross and turn it in to living courageously.  Because you have a reason for being here.  You have a light to share with the world.  And the Beloved is done with wasting time caught up in the past.

This is one of the obstacles I talk about in my podcast, Linger Here Homilies, in episode 2:  Answering the Call to Love, that the Divine wants to clear out so we can get on with living, loving, and shining.  Check it out. 

Because it’s time for you to shine and share your light with the world.



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