Great Mother,
I surrender any
and every version of myself to you –
any plan, any vision, and every hope.
You are all my ideas and dreams.

I am and always have been on this path
of devotion to you.
I am embracing it now with even more fullness.

Thank you for guiding me.
I have had all the experience I have had –
from childhood until now –
in order to be here now.

Take me. Take all of me.
I have always been yours.

My steps are your steps.
My words are your words.
My presence is your presence.

I am here to be love.
I am here to spread love.
I am Love.

I am yours, God.
Beloved Mother, I am yours.

Write through me.
Speak through me.
Love through me.

I am at your feet.

Lisa McCrohan, MA, LCSW-C, SEP


You can hear me reading this poem on my podcast, Linger Here, Episode 2:  Answering the Call to Love.



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