What’s Sacred

What’s sacred to you?
Yes, sacred.
Because that’s what matters.
That’s what you want to build your
life around.

“Sacred” means more than
what’s “important.”
Sacred goes soul deep.
How you love in this human form
in your daily life is the expression of
your soul’s reason for being here.

Get clear about that.
Don’t just wander.
Don’t just aimlessly go about life.
You’ll get pulled into the abyss of
what everyone else wants and
what the world thinks you should be and do.

There are way too many shiny
objects and distractions in our modern life.
In order to hear Your God talking to you,
you must step out of the noise
every day for even just ten minutes.

Put your hand on your heart,
feel the breath breathing you,
feel the life force flowing through you.

Here your next steps will be guided.
You will embody and shine the light within you –
for your deepest wellbeing
and for the world to become a better,
more peaceful
and compassionate place
because of your clear devotion
to what’s sacred.

Lisa McCrohan, MA, LCSW-C, SEP


What’s sacred to you?

Maybe you’ve never asked yourself that.  Maybe it’s been a long time.  Maybe your body is tired and your mind too full.  Or maybe you have heard this deeper call from within you to take time out to ask the bigger questions and get clear on what matters and how you are living.

Here are a few things that are sacred to me:

Taking hikes in nature is sacred to me.

Driving up to our house and seeing flowers is sacred to me.

Going on adventures as a family and spending time together is sacred to me.

Writing and creating art is sacred to me.

What about you?  What’s sacred to you?

I know life gets really busy and full.  There are a hundred different pulls on our attention in a day.  Some of those, we can tune out, turn off, or avoid.  And others are just a part of being a human in this world (and not living in a monastery or cave!).

Living a simple – and even a minimalist – life is really popular right now.  This is because our senses are on overload and our brains are over-saturated. No wonder books about cleaning out the clutter are big hits right now.  We all want less stuff and more experiences of ease, calm, and connection. We are longing for deeper meaning.

So how do we EXPERIENCE leading a life we love?

Start here:  Start with pausing for a moment — even right now as you are reading this post.  Feel yourself sitting or standing here now.  Feel the breath breathing you.

And then ask yourself, “What really matters?”

List out what matters to you.  Maybe you make a few notes on your smart phone.  Maybe you have pen and paper and can write out your list.  Just start listing it out.

Got your list?

Now circle the top five that matter most to you. I know this can be hard!  So circle the top five that are most sacred to you RIGHT NOW in this season of your life.  “Sacred” is more than just “what’s important.”  Sacred is what really, really touches your soul.  It’s what you would regret if you reach the end of your life and you haven’t honored or lived into those soul yearnings.

Got your list of five?

Now, start to imagine, “What would my life look like if I started to build a life around these five things that are most sacred to me?”

Just begin to see it, even if you doubt it, even if you think it can’t come true.  Just see it, hear it, imagine it.

And see what arises in you.

If you are really stuck, say a little prayer, “Please show me.”  Your soul will show you.  The distractions of our life are strong, but our soul is stronger.  I hear it in potential clients who come to me for a consult:

“I want to live more intentionally.”

“I want to connect better with my partner.” 

“I need time for me to discern where my life is going and what really matters to me.” 

“I’m exhausted, tired, and overwhelmed.  I need to put my self-care into the schedule.”

“I need space and guidance to listen to my soul.”

I was listening to Oprah’s Super Soul series the other day.  I love listening to podcasts and talks that nourish my soul.  In this particular one, Oprah said the number one thing that has changed her life is having a daily spiritual practice.  She went on to say that when you don’t know what to do — when your head is too full and you are overwhelmed — “do nothing.”  She said, “Get quiet so you can hear that still, small voice.”

Many years ago, I read this taoist adage:  “when in doubt, do less.”

These days, we don’t need more information. We need experiences.

We need experiences of quiet in the chaos.

We need experiences of connection – to our own heartbeat, to nature, to our dear ones.

We need experiences of beauty.

We need experiences of remembering what matters.

We need more delight.

I’m a realist (well, and also an idealist!).  As a mom, I like to get practical and make whatever it is that matters DOable.  We are not monastics living in an monastery.  In yogic terms, we are “householders.”  We have obligations and responsibilities.  We are taking care of our families.  How can we take care of our souls and still get the dishes washed. lunches made, and work done?  How can we take time out to listen to that small, still voice (and to be honest, it’s sometimes a big SHOUT, “Hey you!  Yes you!  You need to listen to me!”)?  How can we lead a life we love — honoring what matters most to us?

This is what I am about helping you to discover.

It’s possible.  It’s possible to lead a life you love — and even thrive in it.  It’s possible to honor what matters most to you in the reality of daily life.  It’s possible to heal the hurry coursing through your nervous system.  It’s possible to find moments of peace, beauty, renewal, and inspiration in your daily life.  It’s possible to “take back your time” and rearrange things so you are living an even more intentional, meaningful life — and teaching your children to do the same.

If you want to deepen (or enliven) your sense of “soul courage” to live the life you were meant to live…

If you want accompaniment in your “soul care” (because you know it’s hard to get to the gym for your body’s well-being — let alone find moments of quiet to “listen within” for your soul’s well-being)…

I am devoted to supporting you.  I have been taking a social media sabbatical and I am working on a project that is all about supporting you in experiences of “soul connection.”  Soon, I’ll share more details.  For now, you can get soul care practices (and my monthly newsletter!) by signing up below.

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It’s time for us to get clear and focused on what matters most to us.  It’s time to honor what your soul has come here to do and be about in this human form.  It’s time to tune inward so you can be guided to live a life that honors what truly is sacred to you.  It matters to you but it also matters to “your people” and our world — because when you are honoring what is sacred to you, you bring a light, presence, delight, and joy that our hungry world needs.  And it’s time in our world for more kindness and light.  Our time has come.


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