You Know Who You Are

It’s time for you to rise.

It’s time you get up and
honor your truth

live your dream

speak from your heart

and announce how it’s going down.

You are done saying you are fine.

You are done playing small and
hiding your light.

You are done caring if you are
Too shy.
Too loud.
Too fat.
Too skinny.
Too emotional.
Too intellectual.
Too you.

You are daring to drop the
“not enough” belief –
not talented enough
experienced enough
hip enough
pretty enough
smart enough
ready enough
confident enough –
that has kept your light
from shining.

You know who you are.
And the desire to accept yourself
as you are
has grown so strong that
now you are willing to risk
falling, failing, looking like a fool.

You are willing to risk being the
leader of your own life
and allowing the fullness of
who you are to
rise, roar, shine,
and inspire others
to do the same.

Lisa McCrohan


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