winter solstice poem

Winter Solstice

Up early before the first lights of
dawn appear, turn on the soft lights
of the Christmas tree
and light a candle.

Put on a soft sweater –
hearty, warm and cozy.

Wrap a blanket around you.

Take out the notebook or sketch pad,
or simply cup your hands around a
warm cup of tea and listen.

In candlelight, let your heart
reveal itself to you.
Don’t turn on the overhead lights.
Stay in the candlelight where shadows
can dance by the light.
The soul does not like the blaring light
of a spotlight, but rather the soul prefers
and slowly reveals itself in candlelight.

Let the darkness and light mingle,
harmoniously coexist, compliment one another,
and reveal to you what the Divine wants to
show you in your own heart.

The veils are thinner at this hour
between this world and the mystical.
Listen and breathe.
You are here.

Without the distractions of the day,
the darkness provides a
holy opportunity
to listen and connect.

Honor the darkness.
When tears or sorrow arrive –
unexpected, unannounced like
when you were at the grocery store
standing in the produce section and
a sudden feel of loss swept over you –
gently pause and hold that “darkness”
like you would a tender new infant.

In the soft warmth of tenderness,
your heart glows brighter, stronger.

Just wait and allow.

Allow sadness and hope,
regret and devotion to
wrap each other in their arms.

Watch –
hold space for the shadows and
the light to play with one another.

Slowly, you find that the darkness
does not scare you.
It holds tremendous opportunity for
clearing away the distractions and
revealing to you
what needs your attention and
the longings of your heart
that want to see the light.

Slowly, you sense the Light within you.
Even in the darkness, it is here
inside you, guiding you, warming you.
Just like dawn appearing each morning
again and again, you learn to trust that
In honoring the darkness,
the Light within you will rise.

Lisa McCrohan




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