For the past three years, I’ve chosen a word, or a few words, for the year.  Each year, these words have taken up residence in my heart, words, interactions, and daily living.  They have stretched me and shifted things within me and my life.  They are still with me — present some times as whispered prayers, other times as humbling reminders.  I still carry each word with me today.

For 2011, my three words were: soften, strengthen, and forgive.

For 2012, my three words were: silly, sensual, and connections.

For 2013, I’ve chosen one word: light.


I want to look up at the sky and notice the light – at dawn, midday, on rainy and snowy days, at dusk.  Candlelight.  Moonlight.  Sunny day light.

Hands Holding a Lit Candle

I want to look for and notice the light within my own self and others — to practice “noticing the good” rather than defaulting to noticing what isn’t, or what’s missing and wrong.


I want to lighten up — to be silly, to soften, to physically lighten up and lose a few lbs, to go with the flow, to remember what is most important.

Find a sacred pause filled with sweetness every day.

Light.  In all its forms and shadows.  Noticing even when the light seems dim — in my heart, in the early  mornings when I commute to work, in the eyes of others….and to stay.  To stay there and be with that dimness, to light a candle – actually and metaphorically – and create a sacred, safe place for those shadows to appear.  Noticing even when the light is too bright — when I can no longer ignore the truth rising up within me to take action.  Noticing when I am full of light and how that feels, how that changes the tenor of our home, how that relaxes my muscles, how that changes my interactions with others.


Light.  We’ll see how the light takes up residence in me this year!

What’s your word for the year????


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