Enough playing small, shrugging our shoulders,
nervously laughing, casting our eyes down
when we’d rather be standing tall,
feet firmly planted on the earth,
heart and solar plexus reaching up to the sky.

Enough belittling ourselves, second guessing ourselves,
following someone else’s advice
when we feel our own sacred truth rising up from within us.

Enough saying “Oh, it’s ok” when we know “NO! It’s not ok!”

Enough displacing our anger
on the person who cut us off in traffic, our partner, our child.
Enough eating and shopping away the void,
the discontent in our heart.

Enough cleaning the kitchen counters – again –
to control the wild rage rising up from our lower belly
because it holds the power of our own becoming
into the woman, warrior, priestess we were born to be.

Enough ignoring the pain, the hurt, the fear
festering below the surface wanting to be heard, held.

Enough tearing each other down,
comparing ourselves to each other,
wishing we had her legs, her hair, her life.

THIS is the life we have.
THIS is the breath, body, breasts, hips, smile, eyes we have.
THIS is the path that is ours – to complain about or get on.
THIS is our passion, dream, struggle, challenge, opportunity.

Enough thinking we can do it alone, on our own, isolated,
mad, rage-filled fists but quiet lips.
Take your soul sister’s hand! Take it! Ask for it! Hold it!
She is your savior, sanity, solid ground
supporting your resurrection.

Lisa McCrohan, (c) 2010


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