Start Now

Start Now.
Whatever it is that has
been on your heart
to try, create, or embrace –
just take one soulful action today
toward that desire.

Life is so short and precious.
Let’s live it with a full, imperfect,
messy, will-risk-love

We really do have the power
to change!

Even if you are carrying the
heavy weight of doubt and guilt,
even if you have tried serval times,
even if you lost your hope
somewhere back a long while ago,
please know that there are
forces in the Universe that
want your heart to be

There are angels who are
around you and guiding you.
The Universe is filled with
I know it may not appear
that way at times.
I know it wears on a heart to
reach out once again.

So, dear one, let your tears
be prayer enough.
Let your open palms
be that one soulful action
emptying out of all grasping
so you can receive –
another hand in yours,
a gift,
a new song in your heart.

Start now
in any new moment.
The hand is here.
The gift is here.
The new song is already
playing sweet,
soothing lines
to rekindle
the creativity,
and love in your

Lisa McCrohan, MA, LCSW-C, SEP


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