Find Your Passion •  Live Your Soul Purpose

W.I.S.E. Leader Program

After years of working with clients and seeing how many women leaders yearn for greater focus and meaning in life, but feel stuck, I developed a one-on-one coaching program designed to guide you on a journey of self-discovery, reflection, evaluation, change, and growth. At the end, you will emerge as a Woman who is Inspired, Shining, and Empowered:  W.I.S.E.!

Registration opens Spring 2018!

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Do you want to lead with wisdom, clarity, and heart? 

You are a leader in your work, family, and life. You lead best when your work and everyday life are aligned with your values and soul purpose.  But perhaps you have come to a point in your journey as a leader where things don’t feel as clear or meaningful. You desire greater focus, clarity, and meaning, but something is missing; you might feel stuck.

You are hungry for a deeper sense of meaning in your work and a closer connection between what you do and how it serves the greater good.  You are ready to reevaluate your passions and purpose, and lead from this inspired place.

You are ready to more boldly live your soul purpose!

If you are ready to roll up your sleeves, do the inner work of reevaluating your purpose, and emerge with confidence and clarity to live and lead in a way that is based on your soul purpose… this program is for you.

The W.I.S.E. Leader Program will guide you to:

  • Find your passion
  • Clarify your sense of purpose
  • Define your core values
  • Identify the stories you tell yourself that hold you back from achieving your goals, and how to live new, empowering stories
  • Increase your confidence and self-trust
  • Experience a deeper sense of embodying your power
  • Improve self-care with self-compassion as your foundation for your creativity flowing and your light inspiring others
  • Focus on what matters most to you
  • Strengthen your core leadership competencies to deepen your impact and influence, and live your life’s purpose

The W.I.S.E. Leader Program begins with the core Level 1: W.I.S.E. Leader Foundational Program. It is followed by Level 2: Living, Leading, Shining, and Thriving the WISE Way, for those who want to go deeper and ensure that they can continue to thrive as they live their soul purpose. Each level is designed to be approximately 3 months.

Lisa McCrohan

Lisa McCrohan


I believe…

I believe that delight is our true nature, compassion heals, and being in community with like-hearted people nourishes the soul. I believe that you embody your true power when you listen within. I believe that when you align everyday life with what is sacred to you, you live with an inner freedom. I believe that as we honor what delights our hearts, together we create more compassionate homes, communities, and world.

Level 1: WISE Leader Foundational Program

This program includes:

  • The WISE Leader Self-Reflection Assessment
  • Eight 55-minute,one-on-one sessions with Lisa via phone or Skype (about every 2 weeks) over the course of 3 months
  • Printable worksheets, exercises, and practices
  • Audio meditation downloads
  • Email communication with Lisa

In our work together, we will spend time together in sessions about every other week for three months and address the foundational steps in becoming a W.I.S.E. leader:

  1. Creating Your W.I.S.E. Vision

This is all about setting the stage for living your soul purpose. We are about laying the ground work for growth! I will help you identify what is important to you and just how one defines their “soul purpose.” I walk you through the steps of how to get focused and discern wisely the story you want your life to tell. Together we will find your passion, clarify your sense of purpose, and define your core values.

  1. Dropping the Old Scripts

In this step, we explore what old stories are holding you back and what stands in your way. We bring in mindfulness and compassion practices that are effective and doable for your life to identify those roadblocks, develop a new relationship with fear, and shift the scripts you tell yourself.

  1. Building W.I.S.E. Habits

I love this part as I see in my clients an increase in boldness, confidence, and self-trust as they have the courage to try out new ways of being! In this step, you are ready to put new ideas into action. You will begin to improve self-care with self-compassion as your foundation for taking risks and letting your creativity flow. We focus on resiliency-strengthening, how to rise in the face of adversity, and taking healthy risks to clear the way to live your soul purpose.

For some, finishing Level 1 will feel like a complete transformation. Yet for others, they want to go even deeper! They aren’t ready to leave the nest yet! Clients who continue into Level 2 tend to experience a deeper, sustaining shift. So let’s take a look at Level 2!

Level 2: Living, Leading, Shining, and Thriving the WISE Way

This program builds on the Level 1 and includes:

  • Eight 55-minute,one-on-one sessions with Lisa via phone or Skype (about every 2 weeks) over the course of 3 months
  • Printable worksheets, exercises, and practices
  • Email communication with Lisa
  • Discounted access to additional audio meditations, online courses, and events.
  • The option to continue the coaching relationship beyond the completion of the program (by invitation only and as space allows).

I’ll be alongside you and we’ll go deeper into the W.I.S.E. Leader Way:

  1. Living Your W.I.S.E. Story

By this stage, you are really in the thick of having the courage to try out living your story.  This stage is about deepening self-trust, building your confidence, and experiencing a deeper sense of embodying your power.  You are shining!  You are getting your joy and moxie back!  I’m here to keep you on track, guide you when you fumble, and identify key ways to sustain your focus.

  1. Leading the W.I.S.E. Way

This stage is all about looking outward using your core leadership competencies to deepen your impact and influence. We explore NonViolent Communication (NVC) to hone your communication skills, bridge differences, speak your truth, set healthy boundaries, and remain in your power.

  1. Your W.I.S.E. Service and Future

Your story and light can serve as inspiration to the world.  In this stage of our partnership, we are looking long-term at the legacy you want to leave.  This is about really feeling that alignment with what is sacred to you and serving the world in order to set the stage for future generations.

  1. W.I.S.E. Thriving

Now with deeper clarity, focus, and commitment, you are living your purpose.  How do you lead, create, and serve in a way that doesn’t deplete you?  Here we talk about sustainability and how to really “lead from within” by deepening your habits of staying nourished and resourced so you continue to be an influential, inspiring presence.

In Level 1 and 2, I am here to help you live your soul’s purpose and “lead from within.” I’m here to help you serve and inspire our world.

“A woman in harmony with her spirit is like a river flowing.  She goes where she will without pretense and arrives at her destination prepared to be herself and only herself.”

– Maya Angelo

Are You Ready?

Level 1: W.I.S.E. Leader Foundational Program will span approximately 3 months.

Level 2: Living, Leading, Shining, and Thriving the WISE Way comes after Level 1 and is also 3 months.  It is for those who want to keep their inspiration and momentum going so they continue to thrive and live their soul purpose.

Registration will open in mid-Spring 2018.  Sign up if you’d like to be the first to know when registration begins.

“A W.I.S.E. leader is one who leads from within.  She believes in the power of gentleness and authenticity.  She is a fierce force of light shining.  She is grounded and courageous.  She believes in building others up and aligning herself with other like-hearted leaders.  She leads with focus and devotion to what her vision is for the world.  And in doing so, she inspires us to begin what we thought was impossible.  She leads us to a new way of rising and sharing our light with the world.” – Lisa McCrohan

Lisa gave me my life back...

…the work I did with Lisa made a lasting and profound impact on me and my life. We did our work from opposite sides of the country and still we were able to connect…

Powerful storyteller...

When I read Lisa’s words, I feel like I am sitting face-to-face with a dear friend who knows the struggles of my heart…

She lifts my heart and brightens my world...

Lisa gently and lovingly teaches us how to release guilt and embrace every little thing we are doing right…

I found the courage...

After several sessions of mindfulness and compassion coaching, I was able to access a clearer and more confident self, which allowed me to make mindful decisions and take action in a self-compassionate and intentional way…

I am truly transformed...

I have learned how to resource and support myself when faced with difficult emotions. Lisa deeply regarded all parts of myself which helped lead me back to loving and caring for myself. I will be forever grateful for Lisa’s authenticity and compassion while working with me…

Questions? I'm here for you.

My blessing of hope for you:  “May you know a deep sense of contentment. May you touch the spaciousness within you as you go about your day. May you be nourished – mind, body, spirit, heart, and relationships. And may the world be a more compassionate place because of your light shining.”

~  Lisa McCrohan, MA, LCSW-C, SEP