Your Word for the Year: A Soulful Experience

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Your Word for the Year: A Soulful Experience



Choosing a Word for the Year can be a wonderful touchstone and compass as you go through the year.  Your Word for the Year: A Soulful Experience is an 8-day mini course that will guide you in choosing your personal “word for the year” and provide you tools to keep your heart focused on your word and how you want to live it throughout the year.

  • You will receive daily emails with mindfulness-based and compassion-focused tips, tools, and downloads that will start you on your path.  You’ll receive Day 1 right after you purchase the course.
  • From learning how to Paint a Soulful Picture to practicing 5 Soulful Tips for Taking Weekly Action, this 8-day mini course supports you in starting your year feeling nourished and focused in a soulful way.
  • I share with you practices I teach in Coaching and Somatic Experiencing Psychotherapy for being on this soulful path of healing, clearing the obstacles, and living what deeply delights your heart.
  • And you can also be a part of my private/secret Facebook community to continue the conversation and be inspired.

These practices go deep. The soulful exercises and practices support you in following your Heart’s path – with devotion and focus…one soulful and nourishing moment at at time.

I look forward to journeying with you as you begin a new year!


8 reviews for Your Word for the Year: A Soulful Experience

  1. Fatima

    Very cathartic experience for me. Gave me an opportunity for introspection of my day to day life as well as long term outlook for serenity and peace of mind.

  2. Helgi

    The Word for the Year course was very special. I don’t usually think of an intention beyond a day or a week. To bring my focus to an entire year brought a sweetness I didn’t expect. I was surprised at how my word, small and poignant, could spread out into the days of the course and beyond. My word continues to shift and change as my year grows.

  3. Kathie (verified owner)

    Worthwhile and rewarding experience. Allowed me to look forward, not backward and to be energetic, loving and positive

  4. Lisa (verified owner)

    This course was wonderful. I was able to discern what my word for the year would be with gentle guidance from Lisa. As always her courses enrich my life. I love having the tools and opportunity to continually review my word for the year so that I can embody it all year long.

  5. Diane (verified owner)

    This course was such a wonderful way to begin a difficult year. A dear friend had just died from an unspeakably sad illness and the course allowed me a positive space for looking forward and carrying on as I grieved.

  6. Coleen (verified owner)

    Lisa, the word for the year has been a valuable tool on the trip that I am now on. My days have been delightful and I feel so much more aware of my moments having my word as my touchstone. I can just sit and look at the sky, the landscape, everything around me, and be filled with joy, instead of “doing”.

  7. Jill (verified owner)

    The Word of the Year course was very inspirational! Months later, I find myself continuing to tap into the new practices that evolved for me while completing the course. The time spent reflecting and journaling as part of this course were very soulful experiences that I still cherish!

  8. Rebecca

    I’ve taken many of Lisa’s courses and this one is definitely one of my favorites. Life gets away from all of us, even those dedicated to mindfulness and meditation. Have a simple word to come back to on a regular basis has been an extremely powerful tool to help stay focused, and dare I say sane. Thank you Lisa!

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