Regarding Our Girls: Feminine Embodiment Practices to Empower, Uplift, and Connect with our Daughters

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Regarding Our Girls: Feminine Embodiment Practices to Empower, Uplift and Connect with our Daughters


It’s time.  We and our daughters deserve to treat ourselves and our bodies as temples, as sacred space worthy of regard and love.   Regarding Our Girls is an 21-day, 16 Embodiment Lessons course that will guide you with mindfulness-based, feminine embodiment tools and practices for empowering, uplifting, and connecting with your daughter.

  • You will receive daily emails with body-centered, feminine-empowerment practices, poems and downloads that support you and your daughter to embody your power and regard themselves and your bodies.  You’ll receive Day 1 right after you purchase the course.
  • You’ll receive 16 Feminine Embodiment Lessons and practices over 21 days.
  • You’ll learn things like the Embodiment Blessing, why and how to be a “safe container” for your daughter, building a new relationship with anger, healing the Inner Bully, and mindfulness and compassionate messages that build up and empower our girls.
  • These practices are both for YOU and your daughter (toddler to teen) to learn, play with, and embody as well as for you to teach and enjoy with your daughter.
  • I share with you practices I teach in Compassion Coaching and Somatic Psychotherapy and yogini practices of feminine embodiment experiences I facilitate.
  • And you can also be a part of my private/secret Facebook community to continue the conversation and be inspired.

Here is an outline of the course:
Lesson 1: You See Her Essence
Practice: Remembering Her Light

Lesson 2: Embodied Blessing
Practice:  The Embodied Blessing

Lesson 3: Noticing When You Override
Practice: Notice and Stop Overriding
Practice: Reinforce Listening to Her Body’s Signals
Practice: Sharing What Override Is with Your Teen

Lesson 4: DONE with Overriding
Practice: Honor the “Done” with Overriding

Lesson 5: Speak the Body’s Language of Sensation
Practice: Build Your and Your Child’s Sensory Vocabulary

Lesson 6: Allow for Integration
Practice: Make Time to Integrate

Lesson 7: Be a Safe Container, Part 1
Practice: Drop Into Your Body (and “I’m Alive” Meditation for young children)

Lesson 8: Learning to Pause When Triggered
Practice: Vow to Pause

Lesson 9: Heal the Harshness
Practice: Sensory Break

Lesson 10: Healing the Inner Bully
Practice: Befriend Your Inner Bully

Lesson 11: The Voice of the Beloved
Practice: Use the Voice of the Beloved
Practice: How You Say Your Child’s Name

Lesson 12: Be a Safe Container, Part 2
Practice: Touch, Look at, And Speak About Your Child’s Body with Regard

Lesson 13: Know what “Safe” Feels Like
Practice: Get to Know What “Safe” Feels Like

Lesson 14:  Let Her Voice Be Heard
Practice: Send the Message, “Your voice matters.”

Lesson 15:  Anger
Practice:  Allow the Sounds Within Us to Be Spoken

Lesson 16:  Celebrate Her, Bless Her
Practice:  I Believe in You

Here is the post that inspired this whole course: The Sacred Embodiment Practice I Want My Daughter to Learn NOW.

These practices go deep.  They are meant to linger with, play with, practice and embody more deeply over time.  They are empowering and uplifting.  They nourish the healthy feminine within you and your daughter.

I look forward to supporting you.

2 reviews for Regarding Our Girls: Feminine Embodiment Practices to Empower, Uplift, and Connect with our Daughters

  1. Nicole (verified owner)

    As a mother of a girl the best gift and wish I can have for her is the confidence and self-love to live the life she desires. I wish her a life where she respects herself, her body, knows that the love inside her provides her with all of the attention affection comfort and acceptance to provide to herself and give to others.
    Lisa’s course was wonderful to guide my daughter and me through a beautiful journey. The practices were easy to embody into our daily lives; simple mindful and beautiful. The practices are better than any tangible item I could provide; all a little girl wants is time with her mother and to feel love.
    When thinking about what I could do today, connecting with Johanna loving her completely and watching her love shine in all that she does is the most beautiful gift I could receive as a mother.

  2. Erin McKinney (verified owner)

    I really, really love the opportunity to reflect on how to best regard my girls and, particularly in this political climate, to ensure I am empowering them to harness their strength, while also embracing their tenderness. Some days it feels overwhelming but your emails really help me to remember to pause and not get caught up in the shoulds, or the anxiety of falling short.

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