Regarding Our Children – on demand




Get the Regarding Our Children course on demand today!  Get instant access to all nine audio lessons and the full 58-page workbook upon purchase.  No waiting.  Go at your own pace.

  •  Learn positive, mindful parenting practices, mindset, and strategies from parenting expert and Somatic Experiencing Psychotherapist, Lisa McCrohan, MA, LCSW-C, SEP.
  • Connection is everything.  Get science-backed ways for connecting with your child in meaningful ways.
  • Learn simple ways you can raise your child to be emotionally resilient.
  • Help your child to build a growth mindset and rise from inevitable fumbles and failures.
  • Keep them safe – physically, emotionally, psychologically. Learn ways from an expert in trauma-prevention on how to teach them to regard their bodies and personhood.
  • AND learn how to manage your OWN emotional response (and also how to build your OWN growth mindset!) so that you can be a model of resilience and compassion!


Take a Look at the Lesson Plan:


  1. The Messages That Matter. I’ll teach you tools that I’ve shared with hundreds of parents in my clinical private practice that you can use to build your child up so he is better prepared to deal with challenges.


  1. Look with Love.How you see your child impacts how she sees herself.  I’ll share practices based on my expertise in child development and healthy attachment that you can use to boost your child’s sense of self-worth and give her what she needs to thrive.


  1. Build a Growth Mindset. Based on the science of neuroplasticity, help your child develop the kind of mindset necessary to build resilience, grit, and courage that are essential for succeeding in life, relationships, work, and leadership.


  1. Rising from Fumbles and Failures.Learn key practices that will turn “I can’t” into “I can.” Help your child turn setbacks into comebacks.


  1. Raise Their Emotional IQ. It takes more than smarts to be successful. Learn the key emotional and social tools necessary for making friends, being a friend, talking to their teachers and professors, and relating with cohorts in school, college, and work.


  1. Teach Them to Regard Their Bodies. Learn age-appropriate approaches to talking with your kids about being safe, making wise decisions, and treating their bodies with regard.


  1. Promote Positive Self-talk. What our children say to themselves matters. Here’s a radical method for our children to relate to all the parts within a person for positive mental health.


  1. Let Their Light Shine. Help your child identify her unique strengths and show her what those gifts can mean for her future.


  1. Set Them up to Thrive as Leaders. Learn how to empower your child to be a powerful, confident, resilient “leader of her own life” who impacts the world with her presence.



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