NEW! Meditation Bundle: Cultivating Gratitude




NEW!  Introducing the Gratitude Meditation Bundle!

What’s included:

  • TWO downloadable mp3 guided meditations: the first one takes you on a journey of skillfully pausing to cultivate gratitude in your day (21 minutes) and the second one guides you through cultivating gratitude for someone in your life (21 minutes). You can download these and listen to them any time – even on the go.
  • Lisa’s Guide to Gratitude that includes mindful practices from Lisa’s expertise in what nourishes our nervous systems and helps us to make sustained changes in our lives.  Get practices for cultivating gratitude in your everyday life and with your children, tips for making gratitude a habit and a way of living, and a gentle challenge to write a gratitude letter.

We can get into a rut as we go from one thing to the next.  We have a “negative bias” which means we tend to notice and harp on the “not so great” in our lives and in others. These two meditations take you on a heart-centering, poetic and uplifting journey into your everyday life to intentionally cultivate an attitude of gratitude and then guides you through cultivating appreciation for the dear ones in your life.  Lisa’s Guide to Gratitude is your go-to resource for starting a gratitude practice, making it a habit, and bringing mindfulness and compassion into your everyday life.

Slowing down just for a moment, pausing, and cultivating an attitude of gratitude can have a huge impact on our mood, relationships, and how we live our lives. Research suggests that gratitude can give life meaning, improve mental and physical health, and improve relationships and communities.

But it takes disciplined practice. It takes cultivating gratitude on a daily basis amidst your daily life. The gratitude meditations, along with Lisa’s Guide to Gratitude, can help you notice the goodness in your life and support you in living with a greater sense of contentment.


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