Guided Meditation: Relaxation Meditation




Experience deep rest and renewal with this relaxation meditation.  Ohhh this is one of my all-time favorite meditations for you to connect with a deep sense of inner stillness.  First, you start out by lying down in savassana (on your back) in a comfy space.  Then this relaxation meditation begins with bringing your attention to various parts of the body – feeling them from the inside-out – in a pace that helps you to focus with EASE.  (It’s beautifully supportive for those who tell me “Lisa, I just can’t meditate!”  Every single person I have led through this says, “Ohhhhhh my goodness, this is lovely!  I can do this!”)  After you are guided through these various points on the body, you’ll notice the deep calm and stillness.  THEN, we continue the journey with an “open awareness” meditation where I guide you in noticing and sensing the spaciousness within you.

This relaxation meditation is yummy, nourishing, and simply beautiful.  It has its roots in Yogic relaxation and Buddhist open awareness practices.  Feel the deep stillness that you ARE and IS possible.  It’s powerful.

Downloadable, mp3 file  [Length 25:22]


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