Guided Meditation: Morning Meditation for Teachers & Caregivers




Teachers and caregivers give their all every day. And then they get up and do it again. Often they go and go without taking time out to deeply nourish and resource themselves. This meditation for teachers and caregivers supports those who give so much. If you are an educator or caregiver, begin your day with just 8 minutes of gentle and nourishing meditation. Connect to your heart and feel vitality flowing through you, preparing and resourcing you for your day.

From the mediation: “…I bring my attention to my heart space again…sensing what is here, noticing, allowing…and sensing how my breath washes away any resentment, any tightness, with each wave of the breath gently flowing in and out.  I offer myself unconditional love in this moment.  I feel aliveness, tingling in my heart.  I feel my heart beating strong.  I feel an expansiveness and openness.  My heart is nourished with this blessing, ‘May I know my innate goodness.  May I care for myself in deep, healing ways throughout the day.  May I honor my body, mind, and heart throughout the day.’ I feel the aliveness in my heart, open, free, energized.  I am grounded.  I am nourished…”

Downloadable, mp3 file  [Length: 8:37]


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