Guided Meditation: Forgiveness



This guided meditation on forgiveness is about pausing and creating the space for intimacy — with our own hearts and with others. There is no forcing, no “shoulding” here.  That is not how the heart opens or heals.  In this meditation, we are about bringing our attention to the inner landscape of our hearts and developing the mindful and compassionate skill to abide with what arises.  When we intentionally create the loving space for what we may feel (judgment, anger, love, longing, disappointment, hope) with compassion and skillful awareness, the “container” in which we “hold it all” widens.  This creates safety for the heart to gently open organically.  And droplets of forgiveness can arise – slowly, slowly over time. This is about allowing rather than “trying” or “shoulding” ourselves into forgiveness.

In this 30 minute meditation, we explore three scenarios and I ask that you begin with minor situations first: 1. where we have hurt someone, 2. where we have caused pain to our own selves, and 3. where someone has hurt us.

Every single one of us has been hurt, have had times when we treat ourselves harshly or turn on ourselves, and have hurt others.  Intentionally practicing forgiveness begins to gently heal what we often try to ignore or push away.  And what we notice?  A soft, Holy “clearing” within us and our widening capacity for deeper intimacy with life.

*Please use this meditation as a guide.  Make it your own.  Revisit this practice of forgiveness often.  Start with minor “hurts.”  And use your own judgment.  If a situation feels too raw, let it be for now.

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Downloadable, mp3 file  [Length 34:40 minutes]


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