One of the words people use to describe how they feel when they come to me in counseling or coaching is STUCK. Unable to move forward.  Unable to let their light shine, to love freely, and to embrace who they are, and to love what they do. Stuck in old patterns, old regrets, old ways of thinking.  Unable to do what they know they need to do.

What holds us back?  What holds us back from following that holy voice within us — the voice that is calling us to LOVE.  Love in a new and often uncomfortable new way.

In my second Linger Here Homilies podcast episode, Answering the Call to Love, I am sharing with you three obstacles that commonly hold us back.  We are using the story of Peter finally stepping up to the plate and carrying on Jesus’s ministry.  After Jesus’s resurrection, Jesus had appeared to the disciples several times, but Peter was STUCK.  He wasn’t stepping up to the plate.  Why not?

In sitting with hundreds of clients in psychotherapy and coaching over the years, and in studying both human behavior and sacred texts, I’m betting that Peter was stuck in three big ways — the same ways that we often are.  And this LHH podcast episode is about clearing out these obstacles!

Here; let me list them for you:

  1. Stuck in the past.
  2. Stuck in “not good enough.”
  3. Stuck in the “anxiety-fear” loop about the future

And then I share three questions that I believe the Divine asks us in these moments that can help us step out of the muck we are in, get unstuck, and get on with answering the call to love.

In this episode, you are going to hear me use inclusive language for the Divine – Jesus, God, Beloved, Great Mother, She, He, etc.  It’s time we stop putting god into boxes.  God is bigger than the labels we put on god.  I also weave in sacred poetry (of mine!).  I’m also sharing one of my favorite guided visualizations that I first heard from Jesuit Anothy DeMello a long time ago.  I’ll share that visualization when we talk about being stuck in the past and I’ll briefly guide you through it.  But you can use it any time you just need to imagine the Beloved taking a chair and sitting right next to you.

So get ready for a soul-nourishing, poetically inspiring, let’s-get-on-with-loving experience!

Let me know what inspires you and what you take from this episode by just commenting or emailing me.  I’d love your feedback.



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