Linger Here Podcast with Lisa McCrohan

There’s a lot of harshness in our world – violence, division, anger, and polarization.  When you add in the hurry and the busy of everyday life, that leaves us feeling pretty stressed and tired.  It is a perfect storm for making us more reactive and less understanding.  We are more likely to see “the other” as “the enemy” rather than pause to remember our shared humanity.

It’s time for us to cultivate the soulful courage to have compassion.  I want to reclaim that shared humanity.  I am on a mission to foster understanding, belonging, inclusion, and collaboration.  I am on a mission to inspire more mindfulness and compassion to flow abundantly in our own hearts and between us.

The Linger Here Podcast will be a place where I share poetic inspiration to cultivate courage and compassion – for ourselves, our families, our colleagues, and our world.  I’ll be weaving in there poetry, meditations, and body-centered practices based on my work as a Somatic Experiencing Psychotherapist and Integrative Coach — all to support you to be present in your life and courageous in your love….and to inspire a more compassionate world!

So stay tuned.  It’s all in the works!  I can’t wait to share it with you in Fall 2019!


FYI: I took down the first three “practice” episodes I did over the summer of 2019.  But then my readers asked if I’d put them back up!  Okay, so here’s the one, F is for Menopause:

This was me just getting started!  While I love honoring the feminine and empowering women, I learned from these three “trial episodes” what I want to do:  I’ll be taking the NEW PODCAST in a new direction — messages for ALL human beings – women and men, young and old…and everyone in between. So stay tuned!


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